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Wow with Teal as Your Front Door Paint

A teal front door can make your neighbours green with envy. Impress your visitors and create a perfect first impression with our front door paint ideas.

Give your kerb appeal a boost and make your neighbours green with envy with a new lick of paint on your front door. Your front door is the first thing you and your guests see when entering your home. Giving it a colourful new coat of paint is a great way to make a perfect first impression.


What does your front door say about you?


The colour you choose to paint your front door is vital as a welcome to you and your visitors. According to a study by Dulux Weathershield, it only takes 10 seconds for people to make a judgement about you when they see your front door. Applied Colour Psychologist Karen Haller agrees that the colour we paint our front door gives the outside world an insight into our personality. So, what does your front door say about you? And what are the best front door colours?

While red suggests a passionate and dynamic homeowner, black is favoured by those who want to give off an air of power and prestige. It’s also preferred by those who want to maintain a sense of mystery! Green denotes a calm personality and complements the outside world with its strong connections to nature. A calming teal front door, with its year-round summery vibe, will bring your front garden back to life as the year draws to an end.


Choose your colour


Get playful with your front door colour ideas by using the Dulux teal colour palette for inspiration on how to mix and match with hundreds of hues to create that brilliant look.

A front garden with lush hedges and foliage will be enhanced by the hints of green in Teal Voyage, a fun twist on the traditional. Its vibrant blue notes will brighten up a home exterior in style to create an entrance that’ll keep you smiling throughout the seasons. Paint the trim in Rich Black to add a touch of sophistication.

For a more understated front door colour idea, Blue Reflection is a subtle, sorbet shade that can be coordinated with refreshing Mint Macaroon...or even vibrant Teal Facade if your preference is for bolder accents. Meanwhile, the dusky blue of Misty Sky works well with soothing Cornflower White, or you can pair it with the warmer notes of Sunbaked Terracotta to take your thoughts straight to the Mediterranean.


Pick your paint


Whichever colour, shade or hue you decide on, Dulux has all the primers and paints to keep your façade looking fresh for longer. Your front door will be exposed to the elements all year round. So, whether you want a subtle, sheen finish or a more traditional high gloss look, rest assured that the quick-drying paints from Dulux come with 10-year weather protection, as long as your wood is in good condition before application.

Our front door paints are mould-resistant to minimise staining, flexible enough to resist cracking, and will keep your paintwork looking better for longer – something that can ultimately increase the value of your property. The advanced formula has been rigorously tested to protect against the effects of mould that can leave your property looking tired and neglected.


Add accessories



Accessories are where the fun really kicks in to make the front of your home exterior even more attractive. Think of the way that a city pub uses hanging baskets and planters to entice customers inside. Arrange an abundance of plants with vivid green leaves leading up to your teal front door to create a dramatic and contrasting effect. Choose your plants and containers carefully for maximum impact, and you’ll be the talk of the street in no time.

Bright floral arrangements work well in the spring and summer but come autumn you may want to play with crimson tones for a cosier ambiance. Some plants will still flower when the weather turns cold, including dahlias in a splash of different colours to bring back the scent of summer. Begonias work well when placed close to a door, while daisies and penstemons will flower until November with the right amount of care.If you don’t have green fingers, evergreen plants require less work and can be arranged in ornate containers of various styles to add a splash of year-round colour.

Lighting is also important for your home exterior. It will say “welcome home” on the dark days of winter and will help to define the look of your house year-round. It is also essential to illuminate the path to your front door for the safety of you and your guests.


Share your ideas

Have you tried something a little different to these front door ideas? Share your own using #feelgoodcolour on social media.

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