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Pair Cool Brown with Cream Grey Tones

Use grey-toned neutrals with creams and browns to add depth


Whether you’re considering grey colour schemes for living rooms or bedrooms, there are tons of options out there. Grey is an extremely versatile colour, especially when paired with cool brown shades or cream grey tones.

Grey with brown may seem like a dark colour combination, but when layered with creamy fabrics and linens against light wooden furniture, the neutral colour scheme can really lighten a space up. Consider Scandi-inspired stripes in cushions and table runners to add personality and charm to any room, especially where your greys take one a blueish tone as this icy touch works best when paired with paler wood.

Grey works well mixed with warmer shades as it can err on the side of cool on its own. The moody tones of grey can make any space feel sophisticated, while also acting as a natural base for pops of colour to bring out your personality.

Warm browns naturally pair well with oranges and yellows too, so your accent brown doesn’t have to be a beige or a taupe. Consider mustards and chestnut shades as the pop of colour your grey and brown room needs to give a little bit of summer personality.

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