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Micro Makeover: Creating a work from home zone

Whether you're looking to refresh your study room or simply create a productive workspace to WFH, Dulux has a number of tips and hacks for you. Read more.


Whether you’re working from home or need a study area where the kids can do their homework, it’s a good idea to zone-off a dedicated workspace. Here are a few home office décor ideas to get you started. The first is to work with what you’ve got.

Like any room in your home, your home office décor will benefit from being bathed in natural light. A study area that feels light and airy will help your mind focus in the job in hand. Put the walls to good use too. Invest in a corkboard and pin up things like your weekly schedule, or those random thoughts you scribble down on sticky notes. Anything that declutters your desk space makes for a good home office décor idea.   

Make it personal

Let’s be honest, your home office is a space you’re likely to spend a lot of time in. Personalising your home office décor is a nice way to make the space feel relaxed and comfortable. Furnish your new workstation with things that put a smile on your face, like a favourite photo, or a simple pot plant. Even a bit of leftover paint – something cheery like Safari Spice – can add character to your home office décor and turn it into a zone you’re happy to spend long periods of time in.

Get creative with leftover paint

If you can’t dedicate an entire room to working or studying, it’s still possible to create a functioning work from home zone. All you need is some free wall-space and enough leftover paint to cover it. Choose a spot next to a window and paint the wall in a deep, statement shade like Lost Lake. Then use floating shelving to create a makeshift desk, with plenty of storage. This home office décor idea would work really well in a flat or apartment.


Convert hidden or underused spaces

Creating your own study area or work-from-home zone may mean getting creative with the space you have available. Could you convert the cupboard under the stairs into a work from home office, for example? You don’t have to sit inside the cupboard. Simply put up a deep shelf, around waist height – that’s your desk. Whenever you need to work, you just open the cupboard door and pull up a chair. Then to take your home office décor up a notch, paint the surrounding walls in a warm, bright palette such as Almond WhiteLemon Tropics and Tuscan Terracotta.


If you’ve got a small space you fancy turning into a mini office, check out this Trick to Try: Office in a Cupboard. Or, for even more homework station inspiration, try these 5 Ideas for Cool Study Spaces.

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