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Ask Dr Dulux: How Do I Make My Let Feel like Home?

Want to make your let feel more like home? There are lots of ways you can go about decorating your rental property without losing your deposit. It all comes down to confirming what is and isn’t allowed with your landlord and making smart decorating choices. Read on for our complete guide on how to make a rented house a home. 


How Do You Decorate a Rented House?

Make a fresh start

  1. Query it: speak to your landlord about painting the space. Different properties have different regulations, from allowing you to paint everything to nothing at all, so it’s worth checking upfront. Knowing the rules will spare you any awkward chats down the line or money coming off your deposit when you move out in the future.

  2. Fix it: repairs should be attended to by landlords between occupancy, but if they haven’t been, fix them speedily with Polycell Polyfilla. The formula smooths over and fills in any unsightly holes and cracks in a matter of minutes, ridding surfaces of imperfections for a flush, seamless finish – a blank canvas for creativity. 

  3. Paint it: tenancy agreement permitting, a fresh coat of paint can make all the difference to a rental. Choose a neutral from the Dulux Easycare Washable and Tough range to open up spaces and make walls look brand-new. Light colours make it easy for landlords to paint over surfaces afterwards, too, meaning it’s a win-win. Shades such as Fine Cream and Jasmine White will make the place feel bright and airy.

  4. Can’t decide on a hue for your home? Download the Dulux Visualizer app and choose your colour with confidence today. It couldn’t be easier to use – simply upload a picture of the room you want to decorate, select a couple of colours and watch them transform your space.

  5. If you aren’t allowed to paint the walls, look to other alternatives. A great option is removable wallpaper. This is available in an endless variety of designs, so it’s easy to find something to suit your taste. Removable wallpaper is damage-free and can simply be peeled off when it’s no longer needed, without leaving any marks behind. 

Dial up details

Ace accents

Remember, it’s not only the four walls that can be transformed with a lick of paint. Feature walls, skirting boards, cornices, alcoves, doorways and window frames all look great with a splash of colour and require significantly less effort, time and money to achieve than doing the whole thing. Also, bear in mind that even if you’re not allowed to paint large surfaces, accents and details might be acceptable, so it’s always worth double-checking with the landlord. 


Fancy furniture

Not only is upcycling a sustainable way to style up furniture, but the results look fabulous, too. Simply think of it as non-permanent décor. Use existing pieces in your collection or snap up pre-loved items from websites like Gumtree without spending a fortune. Our Micro Makeovers reveal cheap and easy 

Add personality


You may find your tenancy agreement doesn’t allow any redecorating. In which case, it’s time to get creative with a canvas. They’re cheap and easy to get hold of – check out your local arts and crafts shop, or order online – and they provide a great way to add instant personality. What’s more, you can take your work of art with you when you move house.

You don’t have to buy full tins of paint to get started, either: simply use leftover paint from other projects – such as upcycled furniture – or snap up a set of Roller Testers in store, at dulux.co.uk or through our app. They’re mess-free and don’t require any additional kit.

Go abstract with artistic drips and splashes or opt for structure with sharp lines and shapes. Don’t hold back – it’s a great way to express yourself through bright, beautiful colour!


Statement pieces

A few statement pieces can help bring your rental property to life in an instant. If your home is full of dull carpets, why not spruce them up with a couple of statement rugs? Not only will they add a splash of colour to any room, but they’ll help keep the floor intact, too. Make sure to take measurements before buying your rugs – you don’t want them to be too big or too small.



Wondering ‘how to decorate a rented room’? A great way to add character to your space is by dotting a few houseplants around. Houseplants are great for your health, too, as they help clean the air and eliminate harmful toxins. They’ve also been proven to help with concentration and productivity – perfect if your bedroom doubles up as an office.


We hope we’ve inspired you to transform your let with our rental DIY decorating tips. With a little imagination, even the dullest let can become a truly lovely living space that you can call home.

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