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7 New Colours to Try at Home

Take a peek at some of our fresh new colours for 2016.


Every year, we like to add new colours to our ready mixed paint ranges. It keeps things fresh and ensures there’s a colour for every occasion and every space. Here’s a little introduction for some of our beautiful new shades for 2016 – and how you can incorporate them in your own colour schemes.


Banana Split

Banana Split in the kitchen is one seriously bright idea. The bold yellow brings a glowing warmth whatever the weather says outside. Absolute White doors and decor keeps things casual without overwhelming the space.

Expert tip

Introduce earthy tones like wooden brown chairs to add interest without clashing against the bold primary shade.


Coastal Grey

Coastal Grey is the easiest way to add a splash of the seaside to any room. The best thing about this grey is that it’s so versatile, and its subtle shade makes the perfect backdrop for any room that could use a little calmness. Ahoy!

Expert tip

The coastal shade pairs beautifully with other bolder hues, from zesty yellows like Lemon Drizzle to corals and blacks. And to add a little extra element of print to your Coastal Grey walls with a patterned roller effect. Watch the how-to video and create it at home.


Fine Cream

Classic cream shades can be the perfect partner to everything, and used creatively they can make a real statement. Clean and bright neutral like Fine Cream is a great choice for bringing in a subtle warmth into a cool interior (especially sun lacking north-facing spaces!).

Expert tip

When decorating with a cream palette, playing with texture is an easy way to add interest. So, give your creamy colour scheme that extra dimension by adding textured accessories into the mix. Anything from soft woollen throws to lace bed linen will instantly transform a room into something a little more sophisticated.


Goose Down

This cool neutral is subtle, but don’t underestimate it – it can still be used to striking effect. Goose Down is airy and light enough for a functional (and high traffic) multi-purpose living space like a hallway.

Expert tip

Liven up the neutral colour scheme with a contrasting green. Pair Goose Down walls with a lively green like Granada Green 5 into the room to set off the utilitarian grey.


Muted Sage

Soothe your senses with a dose of serene Muted Sage . Muted greens like this particular shade can create a classic, breezy and tranquil room. What a way to get your green fix…

Expert tip

To bring the outdoors in, pair Muted Sage with earthy hues like rich neutrals and robust greys like Natural Slate. Then just finish off the look with lots of leafy and stress-busting house plants.


Pepper Red

Sometimes, there’s nothing like an attention-grabbing red wall to create a confident look. Vibrant Pepper Red can work brilliantly in rooms like the kitchen or dining room where it’s nice to do a little showing off.

Expert tip

Use a cool white or grey on furniture and cabinets to offset bold red walls and create a real eye-catching look.


Rich Black

Create a welcome contrast using Rich Black. The dark shade lends itself well for use on accent walls or getting creative and painting shapes or murals onto plain walls – especially handy for creating cool kids’ spaces.

Expert tip

Feeling arty? Use Rich Black to achieve a Superhero City Skyline in your kids’ bedrooms.

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