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Create a Superhero Bedroom

If your little ones love Batman or Catwoman, why not create a superhero bedroom? Our superhero bedroom ideas show you how to create the city skyline and signal light.


It’s up, up and away with easy superhero bedroom ideas to bring your child’s dreams to life.


Nothing captures the imagination quite like a caped crusader. A superhero bedroom lets your children engage in a fantasy world that leads to inspiration, stimulation and endless hours of fun. All you need is an exciting backdrop to set the scene and accessories to bring it to life. Arm yourself with our superhero bedroom décor ideas and bring your sense of adventure to save the day in the most enjoyable way.

Your superhero bedroom toolkit


Once you gather the supplies you need, saving the day is just a weekend project away. Choose our suggested colours for a city skyline backdrop for the action to take place on, or ask your little one which shades they love best. The key is to go as bold as you can with colour, just like a superhero would.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Striking Cyan Easycare Matt paint. Battles to save the world often result in some rough and tumble. Easycare Matt protects your walls with unique stain repellent technology, so it’s certainly up to the task of fending off the baddies!
  • Rich Black Easycare Matt
  • A tester pot of White Cotton
  • A tester pot of Banana Split
  • One roll of 2” low tack decorators’ masking or Frog tape
  • One role of 1” low tack decorators’ masking or Frog tape
  • One 2” Dulux brush
  • One 3” Dulux brush
  • One small artists brush
  • A ball of white string
  • Children’s coloured chalk
  • Drawing pins, a pencil and letter stencils
  • Empty cardboard boxes
  • A potato
  • Dense foam kitchen sponges

Your step-by-step guide for a superhero bedroom


Once you’ve gathered your decorating arsenal, follow this simple guide and check out our video to see the process in action.


Step 1: Start by painting the sky as the background with Striking Cyan. To ensure an even finish, roll paint on in a ‘W’ shape, fill it in and repeat until the wall is covered. Allow it to dry before moving on to the next step.


Step 2: Have your coloured chalk at the ready to measure and mark the position of the skyline. To create the buildings, draw around different shaped empty cardboard boxes. To ensure the buildings aren’t on too much of a lean, use a spirit level to check them as you go along.


Step 3: Follow the outside of the chalked lines with masking tape and rub the edges down.


Step 4: Apply a coat of Striking Cyan, or your chosen background colour, over the edge of the masking tape, inside the area you’ll be painting black. You’ll need to wait for this to dry, so now’s the perfect time to have a cup of tea and relax.


Step 5: Fill in your skyline with Rich Black and a small paint roller, working from top to bottom. To get a sharp point on the inside edge of the building shapes, press your fingernail into the corner you want to create at an angle, then tear the masking tape upwards and away from the corner. It might be time for a beer now, while you wait for it to dry before removing the masking tape.


Step 6: Use a potato to create the yellow windows. Cut a square or oblong shape out in whatever size you want the windows to be.


Step 7: Brush the face of the potato shape with Banana Split and dab it onto your buildings.


Step 8: It’s time to bring Batman in for inspiration, with the all-important signal light. Use one of your tester pot tins or another round object to create the shape for the end of a light beam in the sky. Draw around the shape with chalk. Then, place two pieces of masking tape on either side of the circle towards a point on one of the buildings, for the beam.


Step 9: Fill in the beam with Banana Split and paint the circle with a couple of coats of White Cotton for depth.


Step 10: Get out your letter stencils and paint the initials of your little superhero with Rich Black in the white circle.


That’s it! Onward to crime-fighting action.

Superhero bedroom decorating ideas


When your superhero skyline wall decal is complete, bring it to life with dynamic décor. Whether this is a boys’ superhero bedroom or a domain for girl power, accessories give you the option of tailoring the backdrop to suit. Add pops of superhero colour with a yellow bean bag, a green bedside table or storage unit and a red throw, just like Superman's cape. For comforting texture, choose floor rugs in fun geometric shapes.

Buy superhero-themed bedding and take the opportunity to create extra depth and balance with black and white. Wall stickers offer an easy way to bring your child’s favourite characters to the design or add to the scene with words and action shapes. Naturally, you’ll need a handy shelf, bookcase or multifunctional desk to display all those superhero figurines. They need to be ready to jump into action at a moment’s notice! When you invest in good storage options, it's super easy to clean up the battle zone after the world is safe to see another day.

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