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6 Beautiful Nursery Ideas

Baby room schemes that’ll make nap time all the more appealing.


Not only will your teeny-tiny one be spending a lot of time in this room, but so will you, so make sure it’s a space that you’ll both love.

Here are a few of our favourite nursery decorating ideas that’ll ensure your baby’s arrival into your home is as welcoming (and stylish) as possible.

1. Sweetie pie

For a contemporary twist on the classic gender-specific pink nursery you can bring in harmonising candy-coloured shades to compliment the pinks such as Bush PinkCaribbean Dawn 3 and Lavender Quartz painted separately on each wall.

Expert tip:

While your candy-coloured walls add a playful atmosphere to the room keep your furniture and accessories in natural wooden shades and crisp whites to keep your baby’s room contemporary.

2. Lucky stripes

A nursery should be soothing and calming. This is where pale greens such as Willow Tree and warm greys such as Crispy Crumble can play a part. A neutral white base such as Jasmine White in a nursery scheme gives opportunities to play with small doses of brighter colour, such as painting the edge of a shelf in a happy shade such as Vanilla Sundae.

Expert tip:

When accessorising your baby’s nursery, introduce interesting soft textures for your baby to play with like a furry blanket or sheepskin draped across a rocking chair that’ll be sure to stimulate their senses.

3. Two peas in a pod

Sometimes fitting in another family member into a little house can be a real challenge! This calls for some sibling room-sharing. Good news – putting together a playful colour scheme that’ll look the part for both your baby’s nursery and for your toddler is simpler than it sounds. This striped blue scheme will see through a child’s room from nursery to toddler room using Marine SplashPaper Chain and Lagoon Falls.

Expert tip:

To keep a cohesive look in a shared sibling bedroom, use matching bedding in both the crib and the toddler bed to tie the room together.

4. Crib corner

If your little one’s crib is making its way into your own bedroom (either because you’re tight on space or just want to be close your new baby), one nice way to give both parent and baby their own spaces is by colour zoning. Using a calm shade such as Chic Shadow to paint around the area of the room where the crib sits can mentally divide the bedroom space - and leaves a little room for your own tranquility.

Expert tip:

Another way to maximise your personal space is by adding a room dividing curtain or two around the crib to give your baby a cosy corner. Another bonus for using curtains like this is the sound absorbing qualities, ideal for tip-toeing around a sleeping baby!

5. Blue babe

If you’re heart is set on a traditional blue nursery (blue is believed to be the shade of relaxation after all), you can give your stress-free blue scheme a little pizzazz by incorporating a few complementing hues like a serene green such as Willow Tree and a calm, light grey shade such as Polished Pebble.

Expert tip:

Use different shades on adjacent walls for a crisp and contemporary look that won’t date as they grow up. Try out different shades on your walls with the Dulux Visualizer app

6. Pastel perfect

Combine Bitter Chocolate 5Blue Seduction 5 and Sea Urchin 4 for an invigorating colour scheme that’ll suit both little boys and girls. Use these peaceful pastels together by creating a striped feature wall that’ll stimulate your little one’s senses.

Expert tip:

These bold stripes are easy to do – all you need is masking tape, a tape measure, chalk and a plumb line. Watch this video to learn how to paint the perfect stripes. For an extra protected and washable Dulux Easycare alternative use Willow TreeMineral Mist and Blush Pink.

Chosen your favourite scheme? Order your colour testers, with free delivery, to test them at home.

Find out more about our Dulux Easycare range and see all our available colours on the Dulux Easycare product pages.

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