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Create a Princess-themed Bedroom

Learn how to create a princess-themed bedroom with our princess bedroom ideas. From royal colour palettes to princess bedroom décor, decorating is easy with Dulux


Happily ever after starts with a princess playroom.

Once upon a time, there was a princess enthralled with all things pink, pretty and precious. If this sounds like your little Cinderella, a princess-themed bedroom will bring her favourite fairytales to life. Pick up your wand and let your imagination soar with this theme, as there are no limits to magic. To cast your spell, decorate with royal colour palettes, fanciful accessories and our enchanting princess bedroom ideas.


Twinkling canopy


Your princess will feel like Sleeping Beauty every night with a canopy draped over the bed. You can buy them in a range of shapes, sizes and ethereal colours. However, a pale pink sheet, piece of fabric or netting will do the trick. For a touch of magic, sprinkle fairy lights throughout the material like these examples from Lights4Fun

If it’s not practical to have one above the bed, check out The Vault for inspiration and create a princess canopy reading corner. Design a cosy cocoon with plush pillows and throws for her to snuggle in with books, toys and fantasies. Pairing pink with gold gives it the royal treatment and shapes like stars and clouds add a dream-like appeal.


Royal headspace


There’s nothing more regal than an elaborate headboard in a princess-themed bedroom. The best thing is, you don’t have to take up precious space with a real one that only adds bulk to a room. With stencils and simple painting techniques, it’s easy to create a work of art on the wall behind the bed. This idea is worthy of a royal curtsey!

For a contemporary, soothing backdrop that balances fancy art, try painting the walls in muted shades like Adobe Pink 4 and Salisbury Stones 3. Choose a shape for the headboard that suits your bed and ask Her Highness which shapes she’d like as adornment. From birds to unicorns, fairies and floral flourishes, you’ll find a stencil to match.


Fort fabulous


This fabulous idea will impress both princes and princesses when you play around with the base colours. Ensconce your royal children within castle walls by using simple rectangles, circles and triangles. All you need to do is make paper shapes to use as templates, draw around them with chalk and mask them off for painting. You can use the same technique to create a superhero city skyline and here’s an easy guide on how to do it. 

Back to Her Royal Highness and her penchant for pink. Take inspiration from our Facebook follower, Carlie Flannery and use two shades of the glorious hue. For a 3D effect, paint one layer of spires and fortress walls in Sweet Pink on a soft white or cream backdrop. Choose a darker shade, like Fuschia Lily, for the front castle layer. Add princess bedroom accessories to suit your little royal and her majestic domain.


Queen of the castle


If you can’t turn a pumpkin into a carriage, then changing bunk beds into a castle is the next best thing. This IKEA hack by A Creative Anna shows you how to wave that magic wand to turn an average bed into magical princess bedroom décor. Anna transformed a standard IKEA Kura loft bed into a pink princess castle, complete with steps using IKEA Dioder drawers.

With the towers affixed, it’s easy to decorate your castle bunk beds to suit boys also, so simply switch up the colours to suit. The bottom bunk is the perfect hideaway spot for runaway royals, when you attach a curtain rod to create a cosy space. As for those IKEA Dioder drawers that serve as a step up to the throne, you’ll also have a handy place to store the crown jewels.


From princess to queen


When your princess leaves fairyland behind to delve into the world of chic trends, your pink walls can remain for the next journey. All it takes to pull the theme together, with longevity in mind, is well thought out wall colours. You can still use girly shades like Fuschia Lily and Sweet Pink for a princess-themed bedroom, then tailor them to a more grown-up look when the time comes.

Consider feature walls in two shades of pink and paint trim, window frames and the ceiling in fresh white for balance. When the time comes, all you need to do is remove the princess bedroom décor. Replace it with a ‘big girl’ bed and accessories highlighting complementary colours like grey, black, green or yellow. With a few simple changes, pink suddenly becomes sophisticated, stylish and trendy, as befits your teenage queen.

In order to ensure you don’t have to pick up the brush again, don’t leave your paint finish in the hands of a fairy godmother. Dulux Easycare Washable & Tough Matt uses unique stain repellent technology to repel liquid spills. Just like magic, it turns liquid into beads that sit on the surface of the paint, so you can wipe them away with a flick of your wand.

Speaking of which, in case you can’t find yours, download the Dulux Kids’ Bedroom Project Workbook to discover all the magic secrets behind transforming your little princess’s bedroom.

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