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5 Cool Bedroom Schemes for Happy Pre-Teens

Help your pre-teens take their next step to teenagehood.


Once your child hits that inbetween-y stage and secondary school is on the horizon, decorating can get a little challenging. Their space should fit their beloved toys that they’re not ready to let go of just yet, but also allow for their growing up.

For a look that’s older and a little more sophisticated than their childhood bedroom take a look through these playful (but cool) teenage-ready bedroom ideas.


1. Pink is in

Don’t dismiss pink and lilac rooms just yet. A pink or lilac room can be given a grown up transformation. It’s all in the accessorising and decor. Give a girly room a stylish update by teaming pink walls with bright red accents and too-cool-for-school Scandi designs.

Expert tip:

If your tween isn’t ready to relinquish pink just yet, go for a paler shade for a look with longevity. We love Chalky White 4 and Blossom White. Alternatively, try a gentle blush tone such as Copper Blush for a look they’ll love for years to come.


2. Welcome to the dark side

Your child’s bedroom should be a place that they can escape and hideaway in. Help with giving their space a new-found edge by adorning their walls in a dark shade such as Rich Black (it’s also one of our new colours this the year!).

Expert tip:

Keeping walls and ceilings in black and white can really allow for other colours to pop in a dramatic way. Pick their favourite colour to accent the room in bedding and cushions.


**3. Go with the flow **

Try making their homework time a little more enjoyable with a bedroom that’s calming and relaxed. Pale lilacs such as Lilac Heather create that soft and soothing environment ready for study sessions.

Expert tip:

Give any tired desks or drawers an upcycle to fit their new scheme by painting with Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood. Colour-code each of the drawers in different harmonious shades for an individual twist that’ll also help them to keep organised You can buy 250ml testers at MixLab stockists.


**4. The Blues **

Blue is one of those colours that never goes out of fashion. So sticking with this colour is a failsafe way to ensure you won’t be repainting the room next year. Keep things a little interesting with a two-tone effect and split the room at the dado rail (or where it would be, if you don’t have one).

Expert tip:

For a more contemporary spin on the two-tone effect, keep the darker colour such as Lost Lake on the top and a lighter shade on the bottom.


5. Sea of Green

Create a harmonising colour scheme using a zesty mix of greens and blues. Using harmonising colours like Spring Breeze and is a great technique to make your room a little cosier or more intimate if you’re blessed with lots of space.

Expert tip:

Bonus points if you paint your chairs and furnishings to match the colour scheme. Use Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood or Paint Mixing Eggshell to update existing furniture and accessories.

Looking for more ideas for your kid’s bedroom? Never fear, we’ve got plenty of other great suggestions on how to transform your kid’s room into a playful paradise on the Dulux Kids page.

Picked your favourite shade? Try it at home by ordering a colour tester (now with free delivery).

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