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Colour samples

3 easy ways to pick your perfect colour

Our Peel & Stick paint samples are easy to apply and easy to remove, letting you test out shades on different walls and in different lights. Or try our Roller Testers and Roller Tester Bundles, so you can test the colours you love in your space.

Find your colour confidence with Dulux

When decorating a space, our colour samples give you an accurate look at the finished result, so you can choose your colour scheme with confidence. Peel & Stick paint samples, Dulux Roller Testers, or Dulux Tester Bundles, explore them today and find the right paint tester for you.

Dulux Roller Testers

Quick, easy, and mess-free, our roller testers let you apply Dulux colours, just like a paint roller would. Available in both ready-mixed shades and our colour-mixing range.*

Dulux Colour of the Year 2024 Tester Bundles

Create the perfect Calm, Warm or Uplifting palette for your home using Dulux Colour of the Year 2024, Sweet EmbraceTM as your starting point.*

Dulux Popular Shades Tester Bundles

We curated these colour tester bundles so that you can try out our most popular shades at home. Take your pick from Warm Neutrals, Cool Neutrals, Whites and Blues.*

Dulux Peel & Stick Paint Samples

Our stick-on paint samples are made with real Dulux paint, so you get an accurate colour match. Move them around your room easily and test in different lights. Available in all ready-mixed colours.*

*Dulux roller testers and Peel & Stick samples allow you to test paint colour. However, before purchasing please check to ensure your chosen colour is available in your chosen finish.

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