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Your Painting & Decorating Tools List

Our decorating tools checklist is everything you need to get your painting job done. From the basics to the prep, our list of tools will see you through.

Want to make the most of your painting prowess? This is the DIY toolkit you need.

Have you ever been halfway through a project and up to your neck in mess, only to realise you’re missing a vital tool? Save yourself the annoyance of climbing down from the ladder, changing your clothes and driving to the shops, with a DIY toolkit worthy of a professional. There’s no need to spend a fortune on painting and decorating tools, but good preparation means having the essentials to get the job done right. Plus, once you’ve got your toolkit organised, it’s a breeze to change your design whenever inspiration strikes in the future.

Here’s our easy guide to gathering all the decorating tools you need, for a kit made to last.


The basics


So, you know you need a paintbrush, but will one do? Probably not. Your list of tools begins with painting equipment for a variety of tasks.


Synthetic brushes

Versatile, long-lasting and well suited to the application of water-based paints, a small collection of synthetic brushes will do for most interior projects. Buy a four to six-inch brush for large flat areas, a two to three-inch one for door edges and skirting boards, and a one-inch brush for cutting in. For longevity, source good quality brushes to lower the risk of bristles falling out.


Paint roller and tray


Chances are you want to apply paint as fast as you can for larger surface areas! Here’s where a roller comes in to save the day, along with ensuring the most even finish on your walls. A nine-inch, medium-pile roller is a great choice for both ceilings and walls. Just make sure the tray you buy is the right size to accommodate the roller.


The prep set


There’s no doubt that painting can be a messy process and preparation is the key to a perfect paint finish. These home decorating tools ensure you’re prepped and ready to go.

Dust sheets

It’s always best to remove furniture from the room you want to paint. However, you still need to cover the floors and anything you can’t move. Invest in quality dust sheets so you can reuse them for every project. They’re a great addition to your DIY toolkit and a more eco-friendly option than disposable ones.

Fillers and putty-filling knife

No matter what type of surface you’re painting, it’s likely to have holes, bumps and cracks. For a smooth finish on surfaces, it’s crucial to repair any damage first. Decorators’ caulk is the most flexible solution for filling gaps. You’ll need a putty-filling knife to apply it and a damp sponge to wipe away excess.

Sandpaper and block

Without sanding surfaces, bumps and imperfections are likely to show up through your fresh paint. Add different types and grades of sandpaper to your decorating toolbox, including flexible blocks to help smooth rough surfaces quickly. Your paint finish will thank you for it!


Absorbent cloths and dusting brush


The very first thing you need to do before painting is thoroughly wipe down surfaces. You’ll also need to do this after filling and sanding. Make sure you have a dusting brush and absorbent cloths before you start. While you can’t fit it in your decorating toolbox, having the vacuum cleaner on hand helps too.


Low-tack masking or decorators’ tape is a must for protecting surfaces you don’t want to accidentally paint. This includes skirting boards, ceilings and fixtures you’d like to paint in a different colour. It pays to get a higher quality tape with good adhesive for easy removal.


The paint picks


When you have all the essential painting and decorating tools, these nifty items help you out as you move from room to room on different projects around the home.

Mixing stick for stirring

It’s important to stir your paint before applying it, as it can separate in the tin. Don’t forget to give it a stir with a mixing stick each time, to ensure the colour and consistency are as they should be.


Even if you can reach higher surfaces, your neck and arms won’t thank you for trying after a day of painting. Buy a good-quality step ladder to paint all areas of a room in safety and give your body a break.

Extension pole

Painting large surface areas like ceilings, and hard-to-reach places, is much easier when you have an extension pole attached to your roller. Again, you’ll also save yourself some muscle pain.

Additional rollers


When you’re serious about home decorating and in it for the long haul, a selection of rollers in different sizes means there’ll be no paint job too large or small that can’t be conquered.


Not ready for a DIY toolkit yet?


Perhaps you don’t have the space to store decorating tools or the inclination to do it yourself. That doesn’t mean you can’t make your decorating dreams come true. A Dulux Select Decorator will be happy to visit your home to discuss your needs, free of charge and without obligation. Dulux Select Decorators are independent decorators carefully assessed by us, to provide you with a professional service and a two-year quality workmanship guarantee.

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