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Dr Dulux: How to Paint A Radiator

Q. “What’s the best way to paint a radiator?” 

A. Every home has them, but we often overlook radiators when refreshing our spaces. Painting a radiator can be trickier to tackle compared to painting a wall or your woodwork. However, it’s something you can easily conquer when you know how. 


Whether you want to add colour to your new radiator or need advice on painting a rusty radiator, Dr Dulux can show you how to paint a radiator in three simple and easy-to-follow steps.

For the example below, Dr Dulux used the colours Natural Slate for the radiator and Polished Pebble on the walls.

Dulux simply refresh chair and table

How to paint a radiator – 3 key steps to follow


Preparation is key

Ensure your radiator is turned off and cold. Use a piece of ‘wet and dry’ abrasive paper with a drop of detergent and warm water to rub the surface evenly, then rinse and dry. If you’re left with any bare patches, make sure you prep them with Dulux Multi Surface Primer & Undercoat – it’ll protect your radiator from rust and ensure your paint adheres to the surface nicely.

Dulux paint radiator toolkit

Tools at the ready

Next up, make sure you’ve got the right kit for the job. You’ll need a paint suitable for metal, such as Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood. Then it’s making sure you pick the right paint brush, a natural bristle brush is best for this painting technique. Find out why, here.  

And remember, you don’t have to stick with white when painting a radiator. Use your imagination: you might want to paint them to blend in with your wall colour, or even pick a bold, contrasting colour to make a feature of them.

Dulux painting a radiator

Protect and perfect

Use masking tape to cover off valves and pipe work, and pop a dust sheet underneath the radiator to catch any stray paint drops. Then, get painting: start at the edges, then paint the face in a vertical direction using long, sweeping brush strokes to get a neat, even finish. Leave for at least six hours before applying a second coat, then allow to dry fully before turning on the radiator.

And there you have it, the best way to paint a radiator according to Dr Dulux. Try it for yourself and let us know how you get on by using #feelgoodcolour on social. 

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