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Dr Dulux: Elevate Your Kitchen, Bathroom or Living Room with Bold Colourful Tiles from Topps Tiles

Wall tiles have forever been a staple feature in bathrooms and kitchens. Functionally, they’re ideal for spaces like these, which need to be durable settings to serve their purpose. But of course, while both kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles serve a functional purpose, they can be striking and beautiful, too. They can be your décor’s statement feature. A way to introduce exciting textures and bold patterns. And with this versatility, who said wall tiles are only for kitchens and bathrooms?

Get expert tips from Dr Dulux for introducing colourful tiles from Topps Tiles into your home, including your dining room…


Goodbye traditional, hello glamour!

Forget the safe blue and white bathroom tiles colour scheme, because 2022 is the year to be bold. Pink is a popular trend right now, and a colour that many won’t expect to find in a bathroom. The Minton Hollins Country Rustic Raspberry design from Topps Tiles is attention grabbing, and when paired with a Soft Copper box trim, creates a touch of glamour. When using a tile colour as daring as this, offset the boldness of the pink with a cooler paint colour, such as Soft Peach, and let those bathroom tiles take centre stage. 

Go moody & majestic in the kitchen 

Creating an atmospheric kitchen is easy with the stunning Minton Hollins Roker kitchen tile in Scuba Blue from Topps Tiles. Pair them with a dark paint colour like Sapphire Splendour and you can create a space that’s perfect for both entertaining and relaxing. And don’t worry that dark colours can’t create an open and airy kitchen, because light wooden furnishings can balance out your space. 

Be daring in your dining room

Your dining room is an extension of your kitchen. The place where you enjoy the wonderful food you cook, catch up with your family and entertain friends. So, it makes perfect sense to extend your kitchen décor vibe into the space. Topps Tiles’ Syren Midnight Blue wall tile has a beautiful art deco feel, ideal for creating a fabulous feature wall. Pair with paint in Warm Graphite and you have an ultra-modern look. Of course, it’s not just your dining room that have that wow impact with tiles. Living room wall tiles and bedroom tiles are an exciting design route to explore. 

Tap into neutral, rustic décor 

Décor inspired by natural beauty is a big trend for 2022. We’re craving colours that help us feel connected to the great outdoors and the freedom, calmness, and freshness that doing so brings. The Topps Tiles Tile of the Year 2021, Zellica Bronze, paired with Dulux Colour of the Year 2021 Brave Ground™, is a rustic bathroom tile that glows on the wall. Read more about the partnership here

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