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Dr Dulux: How to create your perfect bathroom scheme

When it comes to choosing how to design your bathroom, there’s a lot to consider. But that’s where we can help. Read on for inspiration to help get those bathroom ideas flowing, guidance on getting the right bathroom paint and bathroom tiles. 

Our bathrooms serve so many purposes. They’re where we get set for the day, helping us to wake up fresh and feel energised. They’re a place we can pamper ourselves and make ourselves feel good. They’re somewhere to wind down, wash away the day and relax. So, when it comes to choosing how to design your bathroom, there’s a lot to consider. But that’s where we can help. Read on for inspiration to help get those bathroom ideas flowing, guidance on getting the right bathroom paint and bathroom tiles. 

Why paint and tiles work wonders together

Wondering how to get the right balance between bathroom paint and bathroom tiles? Consider this: adding in painted areas makes your bathroom design much less expensive than floor to ceiling tiles. Plus, it gives you more flexibility to get creative with colour, or to balance out those exciting patterned tiles.

Topps Tiles makes sure that you have a wide choice of designs. From simple to patterned, neutral to bright, super smooth to exciting textures. Topps Tiles bathroom tiles can slot seamlessly into your design for an understated feel, or they can be the room’s most stylish feature.  

When choosing your paint, remember that you’ll need to use a paint specifically designed to be used in bathrooms. For example, Dulux Easycare Bathroom is a durable bathroom paint with a formula created to resist both mould-growth and steam damage. And the great news is that it comes in the whole spectrum of colours. So don’t limit your thinking to the traditional white and blue bathroom colour schemes, because bathrooms are spaces to get creative. In fact, let’s talk about bathroom colour ideas next…

Colour schemes made simple

We’ve got to say it: there’s no such thing as “bathroom colours”. Like any space in your home, you just need to think about how you want your room to make you feel. Maybe you want bold, bright colours to give you a burst of energy in the mornings or calming earthy colours to create a tranquil space.

However you want your bathroom to feel, we’d suggest to start by picking two core colours - a main colour and a secondary colour. Often it’s good to use a neutral colour and a richer colour for balance. You could also add a third accent colour. Better yet, experiment with patterned of textured elements to add visual interest (an easy way to do this is to use colourful bathroom tiles).

So that’s the basics covered for putting together a bathroom colour scheme, now for a little creative inspiration…

Your own home spa

If a spa break is your idea of heaven, why not enjoy that feeling every day? Creating a luxurious space is made a little easier with the Bellingham tile range from Topps Tiles. The stunning marble effect really has that wow factor, making it the room’s statement feature. Bathroom tiles as attention-grabbing as these are perfect when paired with more muted neutrals such as Pressed Putty. Together, they create a bathroom that you’ll want to retreat to and relax in for years to come. 

Go trendy and tactile

If you’re a fan of our Colour of the Year 2022, Bright SkiesTM, make sure you check out Topps Tiles and their Tile of the Year, FluteTM. These tactile bathroom tiles, which are reminiscent of the sophisticated art deco era, are now available in our light, optimistic shade of blue. Paired with gold accessories, they can bring a touch of timeless glamour to your bathroom. If you’re looking to trends for inspiration, then this is one that will age fabulously. 

Style it dark

When many of us want our bathrooms to feel bigger, often the worry with choosing dark colours is that it will make spaces feel smaller. But the truth is, dark bathroom paint like Sapphire Salute, and in this case dark tiles like Topps Tiles’ Syren Midnight Blue design, is that they can actually have the opposite effect. When offset with light, bright flooring and sanitaryware, your bathroom can feel spacious and open. Not to mention super stylish and atmospheric. 

Go rustic to relax

Bringing the beauty of the outdoors into our homes is a big trend for 2022. Let nature inspire your bathroom colour scheme and you can achieve the perfect blend of rustic charm and elegance. This Copper Fusion Modular Mosaic from Topps Tiles feature splashback glows against the wall’s deep, dramatic shade of green Emerald Glade, while the natural material of the countertop really roots the room back to natural elements. A bathroom like this is perfect for putting busy days behind us and really relaxing. 

A soothing space

The best way to start and end your day is feeling calm and collected. Soothing greens, such as Mossy Stone, are the perfect shades to surround yourself with. Add indulgent bathroom tiles like Lampas Peacock from Topps Tiles for an eye-catching statement feature.  Its greenish blue tone and polished finished has an almost gem-like quality that adds a little opulence to the place where you’ll be pampering yourself. Add wooden furniture and plants to give the room a real mood boost.

If you’d like more bathroom ideas, try these 3 easy bathroom makeovers. Or if you have a small bathroom then check out small but beautiful.

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