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Paint picker: how to choose the right product for your project

Sometimes, the tricky part of starting a project isn’t the inspiration for a wall or surface, but knowing what products to use where. After all, using the right type of paint is essential if you want a finish that doesn’t only look good, but will last. But where to begin? From your walls to your woodwork, choosing can be confusing, not to mention the interior VS the exterior, plus bathrooms, kitchens, uPVC and metal… Don’t worry: our Skills Development Consultant, Matt Gray, will show you the ropes.   

Keep it simple 

We’ve made it even easier for DIY beginners to get started, thanks to the launch of Dulux Simply Refresh Multi-surface, a cutting-edge product that primes and paints at the same time. Its unique two-in-one formula means it can be applied directly onto completely bare or previously-painted wood, metal, melamine and MDF surfaces with absolutely no prep required. Saving you time, faff and money. Water-based and quick-drying with a low-sheen and ultra-tough finish, it’s perfect for giving furniture, kitchen cabinets, doors, skirting boards, windows, wood panelling and radiators a whole new lease of life. Better still, it’s available in all our tried-and-trusted colours, from Pressed Petal™ to Teal Voyage™, as well as some fresh new favourites like Honey Nut™ and Ink Well™. Why not give it a go with one of these quick and easy micro makeovers? It’s time to upgrade your upcycling!

LCM 23 Colour Lookbook living room

Make it quick

When we say, ‘give it a lick of paint’, we really mean it with Simply Refresh. Our advanced product – which comes in two choices, including One Coat and Feature Wall – refreshes your surfaces with just a single coat. Better still, Feature Wall is available in colours that have been specially curated to make those statement walls pop. Unlike many competitor paint, which need at least two coats for even coverage, Simply Refresh features a thick and creamy formula that make it speedy and simple to transform your spaces. Clever, right?”

Light and space

Lighten the mood  

For dark and moody corners, or unlit nooks and crannies, there’s nothing better than  Light+Space. Not only does the innovative formula lighten and brighten surfaces, but makes rooms feel more spacious, too. That’s because the paint comes with built-in, light-reflecting technology that makes the most of smaller, darker spaces. A bright idea, indeed!

LCM 23 Colour Lookbook living dining room

Trust an expert

Some spaces, such as kitchens, bathrooms or kid’s bedrooms, need specialist care. In which case, we’ve got a wide roster of expert products that are up to the job, from Easycare Kitchen – hard-wearing and grease-resistant – Easycare Washable & Tough – stain-repellent and easily-washable – and Easycare Bathroom, which is both steam- and moisture-resistant. Formulated to withstand even the toughest of environments, you’re guaranteed long-lasting, luxurious colour. Mucky paws? No problem. Food spillages? Don’t sweat it. Its stain-resistant technology turns liquid into beads that can be easily wiped away from surfaces. But the best bit? We’ve introduced some truly inspiring colours in these innovative products for 2023, proving that practicality doesn’t come at the compromise of aesthetics, from Faded Indigo to Boho Blush and Guild Green.

LCM 23 Colour Lookbook living living room

Take it outside

While you may prioritise the interior over the exterior of your property at the start of a renovation, giving the outside some love can boost kerb appeal, so it’s important to understand what paint you need to do the job well (and once). Weathershield All Weather Protection, for masonry, render, concrete, pebble-dash and brickwork, is your secret weapon. Its stay-clean technology protects exterior surfaces against all weather conditions for up to 15 years. Better still, it’s available in a variety of curated finishes and colours, meaning the outside can be just as much of an expression of your personality as the inside. There are formulas for exterior wood, metal and uPVC, too, helping you take unsightly doors, windows and details from drab to fab with a stroke of your brush.


Remember, you can always try before you buy with Dulux, whether it’s visualising a colour on your walls using the clever Visualizer App – which can be downloaded to your smartphone here – or putting a shortlisted shade to the test with our handy Roller Testers, available to pick-up in-store or purchase online here. Not only will our tools help you choose a colour, but select a finish, too

Work it out

Use our helpful diagram above to calculate just how much paint you need for your project. Otherwise, check-out our more in-depth guide here, sure to help you avoid collecting leftover cans in your shed.

Love your leftovers

If you do find yourself with leftover paint, don’t worry, as you can always upcycle a piece of furniture to create something totally unique; mix a couple of cans together to produce a completely new colour; or donate to Community RePaint, a UK-wide recycling scheme that collects and redistributes paint to improve lives within the community. Find a participating centre near you here.

3 trade secrets you need to know

Here, Matt reveals three more tips and tricks to painting like a pro…

  1. When applying any water-based paint, ensure you use good-quality, medium-pile rollers for wide walls and expansive ceilings, plus good-quality synthetic brushes for cutting-in and trim surfaces.
  2. Preparation is key: ensure surfaces have been cleaned thoroughly before sanding to provide a smooth surface and fantastic finish.
  3. When applying paint to trim – for example, doorframes and skirting – it helps to lightly dampen the surface and brush with water prior to applying each coat of paint. 

Pick-up a copy of Let’s colour magazine in your local decorating store for more information and inspiration; or watch our how-to videos at youtube.com/duluxuk


Share your paint projects on social tagging @DuluxUK – you could feature on our Instagram and Facebook pages. 

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