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Colour lookbook: Soft shades for a serene bedroom

We adored the beautiful bedroom transformation that Micaela Sharp completed for Ann and Kevin in this week’s episode of Changing Rooms on Channel 4. Swathed in calming shades and with a totally unique hand-painted ceiling, it oozes charm. Inspired, our Creative Director and paint guru, Marianne Shillingford, shares her paint ideas for bringing a tranquil vibe to your bedroom. Watch our snappy video and read on for more.

We all want our bedroom to feel cosy and inviting; a place we can relax, unwind and drift off restfully. Colour has a big impact on how a space feels, so it’s important to get it right when decorating a bedroom. Mood boosting shades are best left for busier spaces such as the kitchen and lounge. Here, you want hues that are serene, peaceful and calming.

But this doesn’t mean that your bedroom has to be boring and only painted in pale and neutral tones. For relaxing bedroom ideas there are plenty of colours that are soothing and tranquil. Purple, for instance, is a really great choice for a bedroom thanks to its cool, calming blue undertones, while also having cosy, cocooning red tones. In Ann and Kevin’s bedroom (below), in this week’s episode of Changing Rooms on Channel 4, Micaela used purple shades Acai Berry and Deep Aubergine with neutral Nutmeg White, bold Indigo Shade and Golden Sands for a twist; it feels so sumptuous but also wonderfully restful.

Keen to try purple for ourselves, we’ve brought elements of the design into a bedroom makeover using lilac shades Dusted Fondant and Acai Berry.

Watch our lilac bedroom video above to see how easy it is to bring this gorgeous shade into a sleep space and scroll on for more colour ideas for a serene bedroom.

Best bedroom colours

Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary; a place to retreat to at the end of the day and begin a new one afresh. Finding the perfect colour is a balancing act between two moods. Here are more relaxing bedroom colours to try.

Soothing pastels

For a calming retreat that pulls you in for rest and relaxation, whilst being cheerful and uplifting, go for a soft pastel palette. These soothing tones will create a timeless look and are especially lovely in sunny spaces where the light can bounce around. Try pretty pale Pressed Petal alongside fresh Bright Skies

Cocooning colours

Lean into soft, toning colours with a rich undertone such as warm pinks and purples. These hues look inviting no matter how much natural light the room has – in the morning they’ll appear fresh and uplifting, whilst at night they’ll look warm and bring an enveloping sense of calm, setting the mood for snoozing. Acai Berry, Satin Bow and Dusted Fondant are all favourites.

Natural tones

Invite earthy, grounding shades into your bedroom for a scheme that feels calming. Green is still trending and when paired with dusty shades it works perfectly for a sleep space. Sage green and celadon-like jade hues are soft and muted, and combine comfort with restfulness. Try Tranquil Dawn or Overtly Olive next to Soft Stone or Natural Hessian.

Marianne’s insider tip: Before committing, use a roller tester to see how the paint works in your room – pay attention to how it looks at different times of the day.

Don’t miss the next episode of Changing Rooms on Wednesday at 8pm on Channel 4 – and stream this week's show here.

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