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Dulux dog running at London Revolution

A Nation’s Favourite - Celebrating 60 Years of the Iconic Dulux Old English Sheepdog

Happy birthday, Dulux dog! That’s right - 60 years ago in 1961, the world was first introduced to our lovable Old English Sheepdog mascot, and they have captured our hearts ever since.

Since their first appearance, the Dulux dog has starred in national newspapers, publications, television adverts, on-stage, and at some of the UK’s most glamorous events. Amazingly, our long-haired mascot’s popularity has seen the Old English Sheepdog become one of the nation’s best-loved pet breeds, and will forever be synonymous with everything colourful and Dulux.

Maybe you’ve seen a familiar face return in our new TV ad? If not, check it out here - but be sure to read on first, for a walk down memory lane! 


The very first Dulux dog

Shepton Daphnis Horsa (or Dash, as he was affectionately known) was the original Dulux dog. And fate would have it, he belonged to the advertising director responsible for our 1961 campaign.

The story goes that Dash kept running across the set to play with the child actors - and when it came to editing, a star was born! Dash proved so adorable and eye-catching that the ad team decided to keep him in, and Old English Sheepdogs have remained part of our brand ever since.

Amazingly, upon Dash’s retirement, 450 other Old English Sheepdogs auditioned to take his place, culminating in a grand competition at London’s Cafe Royal.

dulux dog

Becoming an icon

There have been 14 different Dulux dogs since 1961, each of them a bold and beautiful personality. But it’s not easy work! Did you know, each pooch spends a whopping four hours in hair and makeup before each shoot? Well, not makeup…

The second and most famous Dulux dog, Fernville Lord Digby (real name!) even had his own chauffeur driven car and several stunt doubles. He also went on to feature in his very own movie, Digby the Biggest Dog in the World, starring Spike Milligan.

Of course, every dog is treated with the utmost pampering and love, on-set and off. We love our mascots as much as you do!

Dulux dog

A beautiful breed

The Old English Sheepdog is a large, beautiful, well-tempered dog, making them excellent for commercial work.

What’s more, all of our Dulux dogs (apart from Dash) have been breed champions, with five of them proudly taking home ‘Best In Show’ prizes. Their classic British stature reflects the pride and quality we put into our paint, and the beautiful Dulux colours seen in living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens across the country.

Dulux dog

Supporting English Sheepdog Rescue & Welfare

If you love the Dulux dog, you’ll also love our new Anniversary Book! It covers nine decades of Dulux, offering huge splashes of colour and interior design inspiration too. It’s a great addition to any coffee table, or as a gift for décor lovers.

Plus, profits from every copy will go to vital UK charities - including English Sheepdog Rescue & Welfare. Their aim is to provide shelter, care, love, affection, medical treatment and re-homing for Old English Sheepdogs in need.

Support dogs and order your copy of the Anniversary Book today, just £45.

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