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The Weathershield Exterior Paint System

While painting your interiors often takes priority during home makeovers, keeping exteriors looking pristine and clean with a fresh lick of paint is just as important. Transforming the key features of the your exterior wood and metal surfaces  has never been easier than with the Dulux Weathershield 3-part system. We’ll show you how to apply our Weathershield paint in three simple and easy-to-follow steps: prime, undercoat and topcoat. 

If you’re looking to refresh your uPVC doors, then choosing the right paint for your project is just as important. One of the easiest ones to use is our Dulux Weathershield Multi-Surface paint. You can apply it directly to your uPVC door without the need for a primer. Plus, it guarantees to give you 6 years of weather protection, to keep your uPVC door looking great for longer.

By using the Dulux Weathershield system on the outside of your home, you’re also protecting what’s inside. And with a 10-year guarantee, you’re sure to get long-lasting results that keep your home protected for years to come. So grab your paintbrush, paint and tools, and give your exterior trim a revamp. 

You will need:

Step 1 - Primer


Whether you’re painting your front door, masonry or trims, for new or bare wood the first step is to prepare the surface with Dulux Weathershield Primer. For previously painted doors, remove old and flaking paint and use a light sandpaper all over the surface of the door to create a key for the paint to stick to ensure you get a smooth and seamless finish, fill any cracks and holes with Polycell Polyfilla before painting.

Top tips:

  • Ensure no rain is forecast as the paint is only weather-proof when dry, and get to work on day when the temperature is between 8 and 25 degrees Celsius.
  • If your colour choice is much darker or lighter than the original, apply a primer to help your new paint colour adhere better to the surface.


Begin by laying down a dust sheet underneath the area that you will be working in, to prevent any primer or paint spillages from staining your floor. Then clean the surface you will be working on with soap and a sponge, removing any algae, mould or surface coating, and allow the area to dry. Tape up any metal hardware such as handles or doorknobs with masking tape prior to priming and painting, to prevent stains and paint splatters.


Once your surface is completely dry, stir the Dulux Weathershield Exterior Preservative Primer thoroughly, before using a paintbrush to cover the surface with it. This primer penetrates deep into wood to seal and protect against water damage, decay and blue stain fungi.

Leave 24 hours for it to dry and then carry onto step two.

Step 2 - Undercoat


You can use our water-based Weathershield Exterior Quick Dry Undercoat over primed or painted wood and metal before painting. It’s touch dry in two hours and offers guaranteed protection for 10 years, when used with Weathershield Exterior Gloss or Satin. This flexible undercoat is specially formulated to resist cracking, providing the perfect base for the top-coat gloss.

Using it on metal? Apply a metal primer first to protect against rust.

For uPVC doors you’ll use Dulux Primer for Difficult Surfaces & any of our quality exterior trim paints. Undercoat for Multi Surfaces, and Multisurface Quick Dry Satin for wood, metal or uPVC surfaces where a primer isn’t needed. Grab a clean paintbrush and paint from top to bottom, making sure that you get into any crevices and edges thoroughly with a smaller brush. 

Step 3 - Topcoat


You've reached the final step; it’s time to update the exterior trim of your home with your beautiful final Dulux Weathershield topcoat. If you want a traditional dazzling high gloss finish for your wood or metal surface, use our Weathershield Exterior High Gloss.  The weatherproof paint film is even mould resistant and flexible to prevent cracking, offering 10 years of all-weather protection. Alternatively, for a mid sheen, use the Dulux Weathershield Quick Dry Exterior Satin to achieve a contemporary finish on any door or window frame, with guaranteed 10year all-weather protection.

To apply the Weathershield paint on a door, work in slick long strokes with enough paint to allow for smooth application. You can paint your front door with a roller or brush – it’s your choice. Whatever makes the job easy and enjoyable. For trims, use a finer and smaller paintbrush again to get into the nooks and crannies. Reminder of this tip: If your desired colour choice is much darker or lighter than the original, apply a primer to help your new paint colour adhere better to the surface.

Ensure that  the paint is fully dry before removing any masking tape from your hardware. 

Final tips

  • It is crucial to ensure that there is no rain forecast on the day you are painting your primer, undercoat and topcoat, as Dulux Weathershield paints are only waterproof after drying.
  • If your wood has been previously painted or primed, then there is no need to use the primer.
  • It is advisable to only use light colours on south facing resinous wood.
  • For surfaces previously contaminated with mould, algae or lichen, we'd recommend using the Dulux Weathershield Multi-Surface Fungicidal Wash during the preparation stage of the process.
  • For doors, paint from top to bottom and ensure you coat any crevices by getting in there with a smaller paintbrush

Our Dulux Weathershield 3-part system is excellent for achieving long-lasting results, guaranteed for up to 10 years. Remember that it’s important to sand any previously primed or painted doors and add an undercoat to resist against cracking, providing the perfect base for the top-coat. Then, all that’s left for you to do is choose your exterior paints, follow our simple steps for priming and painting your undercoat and topcoat, and you’ll have a glistening new exterior that is protected for years to come.

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