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The Weathershield Exterior Gloss System

Need some help when painting exterior trim? Simply follow our 3 step guide to Weathershield Exterior Gloss/Satin products.


Step 1 - Prime

For new or bare wood, we recommend using the Weathershield Exterior Preservative Primer. This Primer penetrates deep into wood to seal and protect against water damage, decay and blue stain fungi. Suitable for use on all types of bare wood. Guaranteed to provide 10 year weather protection, when used with steps 2 and 3 below.

Step 2 - Undercoat

Next step is undercoating. And what better product to use than Weathershield Quick Dry Undercoat which also boasts the same 10 year guarantee when used with Weathershield Exterior High Gloss or Weathershield Quick Dry Satin. And because it's touch dry in 2 hours, it's made with the British weather in mind. This flexible undercoat is specially formulated for use on wood to resist cracking, providing the perfect base for your choice of Weathershield top coat.

Step 3 - Topcoat

You've reached the final step, your beautiful final colour and finish. If you want a traditional High Gloss finish for your wood, why not try Weathershield Exterior High Gloss. If you want the look of Gloss but want the job finished in a fraction of the time, head for Weathershield Exterior Quick Dry Gloss which is available in many colours thanks to Dulux MixLab paint mixing. If you want the perfect finish in just one coat, then try Weathershield One Coat Exterior Gloss. And finally, if you want an attractive alternative to Gloss, we also have Weathershield Exterior Quick Dry Satin.

Final Tips

If your wood has been previously painted or primed, then there is no need to use the Preservative Primer and you can skip straight to Step 2. And for surfaces previously contaminated with Mould, Algae or Lichen, we'd recommend using the Weathershield Multi-Surface Fungicidal Wash.

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