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Unique blue room ideas

Calming and grounding, it’s no surprise that blue is such a popular colour for just about any room in the home. When it comes to blue room ideas, the sky is well and truly the limit, with dark blue rooms offering warmth, cosiness and a sense of luxury, and light blue rooms evoking the feeling of seaside bliss.

Popular it might be, but that doesn’t stop many of us from wanting something a little different when it comes to creating and decorating a blue room in our home, so with that in mind, we’ve put together a selection of our most unique blue room ideas. Keep reading, and prepare to be inspired.


Pale blue for a serene space

You can never have too much of a good thing, as this room painted almost entirely in Denim Drift demonstrates. The light blue walls create a sense of serenity, and taking the colour up on to the ceiling only enhances that feeling. Paint skirting boards and picture rails in a brilliant white for clean and crisp contrast. Don’t have picture rails? Paint one in yourself!

Add pared-back furniture and accessories in white and natural wooden tones for a sense of calmness, clarity and a feeling of being at one with nature.


Dark blue for grown-up Scandi sophistication

This Scandi-inspired living room gets the balance between light and dark just right. Paint one dark blue wall using a shade like Sapphire Splendour, ideally the wall that sees the least sun to create a cosy and inviting corner. Paint other walls in the room white, with a pale grey paint used on woodwork for a unique and eye-catching twist.

Style the room with minimalist furniture and soft furnishing in complementary neutral hues, and create a picture gallery on one of the white walls featuring photos and prints that work in harmony with the grown-up scheme.


Youthful stripes for a fun finish

Whether you’re decorating a teenager’s room or looking for a fun and playful decorating scheme for your home office, a stripey blue feature wall is a brilliant idea. Make an impact and paint thick stripes of First Dawn and Breton Blue, with an added bold zing of contrasting colour, like the orange stripe in this bedroom.

Add blue accessories in the form of soft furnishings and lamps, and break up the blue with another dash of your chosen accent colour in a rug, a vase or a cushion.


Blue and gold for a throne fit for royalty

Give your bathroom the royal treatment with dark blue walls. It’s a common misconception that dark colours should be reserved for larger spaces, but a deep blue like Sapphire Salute looks luxurious and sophisticated in even the smallest of cloakrooms, transforming it into a space that you and your guests will actively choose to use.

Paint the ceiling and floor white to for a touch of brightness that looks clean and coherent alongside your white sanitaryware, then add gold accents for the final flourish. Gold taps, a gold flush and a gold-framed mirror will stand out against the dark blue and create an ambience that is well and truly fit for royalty.


Eye-catching shapes to spark creativity

Where do you like to get creative? Perhaps in your study, your kitchen or in your living room? Wherever you find yourself searching for inspiration, consider a dark blue wall with eye-catching shapes. Paint a background of Indigo Night, then choose three or four other shades of blue and paint a variety of different sized circles. It’s easier than you might think as all you need to draw the circles is some string, a drawing pin and a pencil. Find out exactly how to paint a circle wall using our handy step-by-step guide.

Complement the unique scheme with some equally unique furniture to really get your creative juices flowing.

Feeling inspired by these blue room ideas? Find even more inspiration on our blue paint hub.

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