Dulux Visualiser

Instantly visualise this colour on your walls

Turn your bathroom into a spa oasis

Create a tranquil haven with rich tones and textured surfaces.


Blue and green may be the customary bathroom hues but when creating a space that encourages serious pampering, have you thought about taking colour inspiration from this year’s hottest shade, grey? Rich shades like slate grey, dark taupe and smoky grey are great shades for walls as they intensify the atmosphere of the room while still evoking a soothing and serene feel.

If your room is on the small side, don’t think that a spa retreat is out of your reach. Softening the rich colours with white walls or tiles will ensure that the space looks and feels airy and light. Heighten the effect with textured surfaces, like a sisal floor rug that gently massages the feet, antique mirrors to reflect light around the room and plenty of pampering products.

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