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Tech Talk: the expert know-how behind our exterior paint

Our product expert talks us through the science used to make Dulux Weathershield – and what that means for your exterior surfaces


We all know that Weathershield paint is specially designed for exterior masonry and trim. But do you know what goes into the formula behind our protection and colour? Here’s the science behind the shades that keep your outside surfaces looking good for up to 15 years, from our very own product expert and man-in-the-lab, Jim Myers, Project Leader – Technical support to UK & Ireland.


Alkali Guard

“Many properties are built with concrete – made up of cement, sand, lime and water. This makes for naturally occurring alkali that can rise to seriously damaging levels, leaving your paintwork vulnerable to cracking, colour change and a patchiness. With Weathershield Ultimate Protection, our specially formulated technology seals in alkaline salts, strengthens and primes, so your surfaces stay as seamless as when you first painted them, with guaranteed protection for up to 15 years.”


Rain proof in 30mins

“The weather isn’t always reliable, particularly in Britain, but you can be sure that our masonry formulas are. If it rains shortly after you apply paint onto your surface, our in-house binder prevents the paint film from washing off, so you’re always free to paint, come rain or shine.”


Stay Clean technology

“To keep your outdoor walls looking better for longer, we have taken a two-pronged approach: tackling mould and algae with slow-release biocide technology to maintain resistance for longer; and a high-quality binder reducing water uptake, limiting the ability of dirt to stick. With Weathershield All Weather Protection, you can be confident in colour that lasts.”



“We use high-quality pigments and colour recipes, combined with an excellent in-house binder, that ensures our colours have strong resistance to UV, protecting them from fading so you can trust in our paint film integrity to give you long-lasting colours.”




“No matter what surface, we’ve got you covered. For rough and uneven surfaces, our textured paint finish is perfect for hiding imperfections. Its ceramic bead technology offers high-performing coverage that’s great for concealing minor cracks in walls, too. Both smooth and textured masonry paint contains algaecides to help prevent paint from staining, so you can be confident your walls will be protected, whatever type of masonry.”

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