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Switch-off with a soothing colour scheme

Seeking solace? Retreat from reality with silent colours.

What does switching off mean to you? For some, it might be a desire to completely disconnect and disengage from the outside world. For others, it might stem more from a need to create the space for new thoughts and to indulge in idle creativity. But the common goal is clear: to create a place that encourages us to find stillness and solitude in a frantic world.

You can find this tranquility in soothing, silent colours. Think smoky violet, blue-tinged whites, pinky lilacs and porcelain. Delicate and ethereal, these tones can be used as single block shades for a cool, transient look or pair them with matt and high gloss surfaces for a sophisticated contrast. If dark hues are more your thing, look to burgundy, dark indigo and blue-tinted blacks to create your peaceful place.

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