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Six bold nursery ideas for parents who dare to be different

Make a statement in the nursery with decorating ideas that break the rules.

“We’re ready to paint the nursery but we don’t want to go down the traditional route. How can we create a stylish, individual scheme that everyone will love?”

Bold style choices tend to go out the window when you’re decorating for a new addition to the family. But if oh-so-pretty nursery schemes fill you with dread, don’t despair, there is another way!

Here, we explain how to create a baby-friendly nursery that breaks the rules for stylish parents-to-be who like to think outside the (toy) box.


1. Colour clash

An eye-catching nursery with a colour scheme that challenges the senses will feel immensely satisfying if you’re used to breaking boundaries when you decorate, as well as providing visual stimulation for your baby.

Try dusky pink and yellowy brown for a soft effect, or pair citrus hues like fizzy lemon with zesty lime for a fluro-bright look.

A crisp white ceiling will balance the scheme and prevent clashing colours from overpowering the look.

Which paints?
Golden Fern 4
White Cotton


2. Things are looking up

If colour clash walls are a step too far, why not give your little one something interesting to gaze upon with a brightly coloured ceiling? Not only does it make for a stunning (and surprising) focal point, a bold ceiling is a clever way of adding a daring touch while keeping the rest of the scheme relatively neutral.

If your nursery is on the small size and you’d like to visually raise your ceiling height, you’re best sticking to cool, pale hues, such as turquoise blue, sea green or a deep moss.

If you have high ceilings and you want to create a cosier feel, you’ll want to choose colours at the warm end of spectrum, such as fuchsia, plum or tangerine.

Which paints?
Holiday Blues 4
Blue Diamond 1
Summer Surprise 3


3. Choose a theme

The great thing about decorating your baby’s bedroom is that it also gives you the opportunity to revisit your own childhood.

Do you have a favourite film or cartoon character from when you were a child? Or perhaps a book, or a special lullaby that your parents used to sing to you. Whatever it is, why not use this as the basis for a colourful mural in your baby’s room?

Not only is it a wonderful way to share your memories with your little one, it’s a great way to personalise your baby’s space.

Which paints?
Mulberry Burst
White Mist


4. Create a striking feature wall

An accent wall is a quick and easy way to add a pop of colour to a nursery scheme, but it’s also a great opportunity to have some fun. Choose a wall that you’d like to draw attention to when you enter the room, preferably without windows or doors if you can.

The beauty of an accent wall is that they’re easy to change, so when it comes to choosing a hue, almost anything goes. If the other walls are a neutral colour, you may like to choose a bold shade, like a tangerine orange, a fluorescent yellow or a lime green.

Use the Dulux Visualizer app to experiment with daring shades before you buy.

Once you’ve downloaded the app to your Smartphone of tablet, simply hold your Smartphone or tablet up to the wall you want to paint, choose a colour from the Dulux paint palette and tap the screen to see an instant impression of how your wall will look once it’s been painted.



5. A little bit goes a long way

Red is traditionally a big no-no when it comes to decorating your baby room as it can stress you little one out.

But it is okay to break the rules, so long as you proceed with caution.

Deep cherry red hues will add a sophisticated note to your room, while brighter shades will evoke a circus feel.

Introduce your chosen shade sparingly into the nursery scheme by painting skirting boards or window frames, and pair with crisp white walls and complementary soft furnishings to complete the look.

Alternatively, if you’ve got any hand-me downs or vintage pieces, such as a rocking chair or a toy trunk, why not give them a new lease of life with a coat of bright red paint?



6. Pattern play

From stripes and stencils to geometrics and blurred lines, there’s no doubt that patterns can be visually stimulating – especially for your little one’s eyes.

For an easy update that’s big on impact, paint one or two thick stripes in a complimentary colour one wall, or all the way around for a more dramatic effect.

Alternatively, create a colour-block effect by painting large blocks of colour side-by side on a neutral wall.

For a less permanent effect, introduce pattern through textiles, such as a full-length curtain or a bold rug.

Top tip

To allow your brightly painted walls or ceiling to stand out, go for understated furniture in a natural wood finish, and choose accessories in calm colours.

If dark and dramatic is more your style, you may like to combine a deep ruby red and midnight blue or sophisticated teal with fiery orange.

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