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Simple blue bathroom decorating ideas

The right decoration can transform your blue bathroom into a beautiful space that never goes out of style. Discover our top ideas to match your taste.

Cool, soothing and evocative of the sea and the sky, blue is a natural fit and a popular colour choice for bathrooms. Its wide and versatile variety of shades, from pale duck egg blue to deep and dark navy, mean there’s a hue for every aesthetic and design style. So whether you’re looking to create a calm and minimalist haven or a decadent and sophisticated sanctuary, there’s a blue bathroom design to suit your taste.

Read on for five simple decorating ideas for a blue bathroom, as well as tips on how to choose the right paint.

How to decorate a blue bathroom


Pair with dark furniture 

Dulux blue bathroom dark furniture

Blue can look incredibly sophisticated when paired with dark wooden furniture. Choose a mid-tone blue paint for the walls, add a dark brown vanity unit and mirror and contrast the rich dark tones with white tiles to add brightness to your bathroom.

Complement a dark blue bathroom with white accents

dulux blue bathroom white accents

Blue and white are a classic colour combination – ideal if you want a bathroom that stands the test of time. Crisp white tiles and fixtures look smart against brighter and deeper shades of blue. Use the same colour blue on the walls and the bath panel for a coherent look, and add contrasting grout for a contemporary finish.

Opt for pastels

dulux blue bathroom pastels

Shades of blue work harmoniously together, so don’t be scared to mix them up and layer the tones. Start with pastel blue as the main colour on your walls for an incredibly peaceful and soothing bathroom. Paint coving in a sky blue, and if your bathroom is on the larger side you could even take the same colour on to the ceiling to make the room feel warmer and cosier. Finish off the look by adding accessories like towels and soap dispensers in other complementary shades of blue.

Add a coordinating accent colour 

dulux blue bathroom accent colour

A bright pop of colour is a contemporary addition to a blue bathroom. Add yellow soft furnishings for a calm and serene bathroom reminiscent of the seaside, using a mixture of block colours and geometric patterns to add interest.

Keep it minimal

dulux blue bathroom minimal

Sometimes less is more when it comes to decorating a blue bathroom. Choose a soft teal for the walls and add white cabinets and granite countertops with sleek straight lines. Add simple, unadorned mirrors and chrome taps for a contemporary, minimalist look.

How to choose the right paint for your bathroom

When it comes to choosing the best shade of blue bathroom paint, there are several factors to consider. The size of the room, how bright it is and where the light enters should all be taken into account, as smaller bathrooms are generally better suited to lighter shades, while larger bathrooms with lots of natural light can handle richer and darker tones. Think about balancing the room: if you choose darker blues then add bright white tiles or woodwork, or if you choose pale shades then consider adding some darker accents.

Our Easycare Bathroom paint is the perfect choice for your bathroom – it’s moisture and steam resistant, with a mould resistant formulation that protects the paint against mould for five years, keeping your bathroom looking great for longer.

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