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With so many types of wall paint available, it’s important to pick the right product for the job when you redecorate. Here’s all you need to know.


“I normally use standard emulsion on the walls when I redecorate, but I’ve noticed it doesn’t wear very well in the kitchen and bathroom. Are some paints better than others - what do I need to look out for?”

A lick of paint is a quick, easy and affordable way to transform dull walls into a beautifully refreshed living space, but there’s more to redecorating than picking the perfect colour scheme.

When choosing your paint, it’s important consider what surface you want to cover and where it is (a living room wall or a bathroom ceiling, for instance), as well as the finished result you’re after.

Confused? Check out our handy tips to help you pick the right paint for the job:


1. Colour depth

How deep and rich your chosen colour appears on the wall depends on two things: the quality of the pigment in the paint, and the concentration of pigment used. The higher the pigmentation, the greater the depth of coverage, meaning your colour will appear more intense and luminous.

When a room is decorated in paint with high pigmentation, you’ll notice undertones that subtly change in different lights, providing character and definition.

Which paints?

Try a matt paint, such as Dulux Feature Wall Matt. This luxurious matt finish absorbs light, resulting in beautiful depth of colour on walls and ceilings.


2. Longevity

For walls that are prone to knocks and splashes (think kitchens and bathrooms!) it’s best to prioritise a hard-wearing paint over depth of colour. Choose a wipeable, grease resistant product to ensure your chosen colour lasts as long as possible, and keep patching to a minimum.

Which paints?

Try new Dulux Easycare Washable & Tough Matt, a super-durable finish that’s perfect for high-traffic areas and wipes clean without compromising the colour.


3. Coverage

One of the hallmarks of good quality paint is a thick, creamy texture that gives better coverage than cheaper alternatives with a thin, watery consistency. Choosing paint with good coverage is important if you’re painting a large surface area, plus you’ll need less paint to achieve the right degree of colour saturation, saving you both time and money in the long run.

Which paints?

In a hurry? Try a concentrated matt emulsion paint that gives you a perfect finish in just one coat, like Dulux Once Matt.


4. Kind to the environment

Your home isn’t the only environment you should think about when you redecorate. Do everyone a favour and choose a water-based paint with low VOC (volatile organic compound), as these contain fewer solvents than oil-based paints making it a smart choice for ethical decorators.

Which paints?

All Dulux interior paints are water-based with low VOC, so you can choose any paint you like from their extensive range safe in the knowledge that you’re doing your bit for the environment.


5. Specific formulations

It may seem obvious, but make sure you take into account the function of the room and the surface you’ll be painting before you make your final selection – chances are they’ll be paint product tailored to suit you needs.

A mould-repelling emulsion is perfect for steamy bathrooms, while a light-reflecting formulation will help brighten up a small, dark space. And don’t be afraid to ask for help. Why not email, or reach out to our experts via social media to make the most of their expertise and save yourself some time in the process?

Which paints?

For kitchens, try a grease and stain-resistant formulation such as Dulux Kitchen+ Matt. In the bathroom, try Dulux Bathroom+ Soft Sheen to guard against mould and excessive moisture. For small spaces choose a paint with light-reflecting particles, such as Dulux Light + Space Matt.

Top tip

Once you’ve chosen the right kind of paint, make sure you select the right colour for your walls by downloading our handy Visualizer app. It’s easy to use, and allows you to see an instant impression of how a colour will look on your wall once you’ve finished painting.

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