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Transform White Bathrooms with Monochrome

Everything is black and white with our monochrome bathroom ideas. Transform your white bathroom by adding dramatic black touches for a modern and classic look.


A black and white bathroom is always a winner.

Perhaps it’s the influence of luxurious spas or posh hotels, but today’s bathroom is no longer just a utility space. After all, we all deserve a bathroom that feels like a serene retreat. A place to gather inspiration for the day ahead and sink into relaxation before bed. For versatility and timeless appeal, you can’t go wrong with the classic colour combination of black and white. These two are simply made for each other - and the bathroom. Not only do they create a striking contrast, but black absorbs light and white reflects it, encouraging the perfect balance for your harmonious haven.

Best of all, the luxurious feel of a monochrome bathroom is easy to achieve.


Dive in deep with dark walls

While we associate white with cleanliness and feeling fresh, modern white bathrooms aren’t relaxing if they feel clinical, cold and glaringly bright.  Black walls might seem a little drastic at first. However, paired with white accents, they offer a soothing yet dramatic appeal that suits most bathrooms to a tee. Plus, this is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to achieve a monochrome bathroom in a quick, weekend paint job.

When the ceiling and large fixtures like the sink, cabinets and cupboards are white, simply go for it and consider painting all the walls in Rich Black. Break up the intensity with picture frames featuring bright pops of colour, silver or white fittings and light greys for balance. Keep playing with the scheme by adding white accessories until you achieve the balance that’s right for you. 


Tantalise with trim

There’s no doubt about it, black tapware on a backdrop of white is certainly having a moment in the bathroom fashion world right now. However, if you don’t want to commit to buying new fittings or fixtures, all you need is a little black paint for accents and trim to bring your monochrome bathroom to life.

Adorn your window frame with Night Jewels 1 and match this with a stylish stripe around the trim at the bottom of the wall - and the top too if you wish! Look for other interesting details to add a lick of black paint to. Perhaps you could freshen up a ladder to use as a towel rack or highlight a pattern on wooden cupboards. Sick of your old tiles? A black and white bathroom floor is always on trend.


Embrace Scandi style for small white bathroom ideas

Inspiration for small white bathroom ideas often seems hard to come by, but not if you follow the lead of the Scandinavian aesthetic. It’s characterised by minimalism, which is what helps to enhance the feeling of space. However, clean lines certainly don’t mean boring ones. It’s all about making the most of a tiny space with simple yet striking details that pop on a white backdrop.

For example, give your walls a refresh with a coat of White Mist or Rock Salt, for a clean space that reflects light. Black tapware brings the modern monochrome touch with ease. Or, consider deep charcoal grout for white tiles to create a simple but effective contrast. Make the most of a space-enhancing mirror by painting the frame black and introduce a small plant or two for warmth.


Bask in versatility with décor

Black and white bathroom décor can be anything you want it to be. This means it’s easy to change your design to stay on top of trends, whenever you feel like it. First of all, plants are always a good choice for a monochrome bathroom, adding a splash of green for visual interest, texture and peace of mind. For energy and depth, consider patterns for artwork or window treatments. To get really creative, paint a black geometric pattern on a white wall.

A touch of gold or silver brings instant glamour and it doesn’t have to come from tapware. Think statement pendant lights, silver-framed mirrors and antique gold accents for a retro look. No matter what your favourite colour of the moment is, chances are a dash of it will only enhance this scheme. Mix it up to your heart’s content with red towels, hot pink bath mats or yellow wall hangings. 


Polish with smart storage

A stylish monochrome bathroom is not usually a cluttered one, so it’s important to clean up the chaos,  hide your things or display them in a decorative way. Smart storage is the way forward, especially if you’re tight on space. Consider wall-mounted cabinets and holders, storage ladders and baskets to store and display towels. Paint them black or white if you want to! Invest in shelves to keep the mess up high and save space. Hanging baskets are a great idea to keep things hidden behind a pretty surface.


Make it last

Just before you jump in, it pays to ensure your decorating lasts the distance. Luckily, that’s as simple as using Dulux Easycare Bathroom+ Soft Sheen. This tough paint is moisture and steam resistant. Plus, its MouldTec formulation protects surfaces against the nasty stuff for five years.

Now, there’s no reason not to let monochrome transform your white bathroom into that luxurious retreat you deserve.

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