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How to choose a front door colour to suit your home

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Spruce up drab doors in an instant with a fresh lick of exterior paint in an inviting colour.

Even though it’s the first thing people see, we often forget to give our front door the attention it deserves when decorating our homes. Yet changing the look of your front door with a fresh lick of paint is one of the cheapest and simplest ways to make a statement. And with plenty of front door colour ideas to choose from, it’s easy to get inspired.

Read on for our complete guide to front door décor ideas. 

What do I need to consider?

When it comes to painting your front door, you should consider the style of your house and the overall impression you want to make.

The UK’s most popular colour for front doors is white, which we subliminally associate with a calm and peaceful home. It’s closely followed by blue, which, depending on the shade, is considered harmonious and restorative. It’s favoured by successful people who tend to be a little conservative.

We associate people who have red front doors with passion and self-confidence, whereas lilac suggests mystery and spirituality. Purple is associated with wealth and power.

People with black doors, meanwhile, are considered to be the most anonymous and mysterious, and people with grey doors are thought to be understated.

Dulux Weathershield

Protect your home exterior from the elements and keep it looking beautiful for longer with Dulux Weathershield. Our weatherproof exterior paint comes in a range of finishes and colours. What’s more, it can be mixed with any shade in the Dulux range, so you can personalise the outside of your home just as you would the inside.

Front door paint colours

Read on for our top modern front door colours.

Rich, glossy shades for an elegant feel

Rich, glossy shades are a great way to change the look of your front door, no matter the style you’re opting for. A classic primary colour like Atlantic Blue or Cranberry Crunch works well on period homes for an elegant feel while still being sympathetic to the style of the house.

Contemporary properties may suit cool greys, such as Gallant Grey in a mid-sheen finish for a modern and sophisticated look. Muted shades look elegant and stylish with a modern home. As a bonus, they tend to match with most shades of brick.

Bold, sunny shades for a warm welcome

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According to a recent Dulux Weathershield survey, almost a third of Brits would pay 25% more for a home with a freshly painted front door and brickwork. Painting your front door in an eye-catching shade is a quick and easy way to improve your home’s appearance.

With warm shades of yellow and orange conjuring feelings of hope, positivity and joy, it’s no wonder that yellow doors are becoming all the more popular among homeowners all over the UK.

For a cheerful look, try decorating your front door in a bright shade of yellow, like Lemon Punch. Bold, sunny shades and terracotta oranges tend to feel jovial and friendly and will give visitors a warm welcome the moment they arrive. For a touch of class, consider adding some gold accents to your yellow door, such as a matching letterbox and door knocker.

Pastel hues for a calming retreat

If you want to promote calmness, restful blue and green front door colours in pastel hues – such as Fresh Sage and Vast Lake – are good options. Perfect for both contemporary and period properties, pastel shades will help your door stand out without looking too bold. For a romantic feel, paint your door in a pastel pink shade like Spring Rose, and consider planting some flowers in pastel colours around your door to complete the fairytale look.

Front door décor ideas

Read on for our modern front door décor ideas. 

Contrast completes the look 

Whatever colour you settle on for your door, complete the look with a seamless colour combination. Paint your porch or front doorstep in a crisp neutral shade for a smart contrast, such as Jasmine White or Sandstone from the Dulux Weathershield Masonry range. All our Smooth and Textured Masonry paint now comes with the new Weathershield Promise, so you can paint your home with confidence.

Searching for uPVC front door colours? If you have a uPVC front door that requires a lick of paint, check out our guide on how to paint your uPVC front door.

Add some decoration

As you begin your front door makeover, be mindful that the décor you opt for will leave just as much of an impression as your new front door colour. Transform your entryway with a hanging flower basket or attractive wall lamps. For those with relatively large porches, why not consider a cosy seating area? Even something as simple as a new doormat can give your home’s exterior a much-needed refresh.

The Weathershield Promise

As well as being weatherproof, our Dulux Weathershield Masonry range has been specially formulated to resist peeling, flaking and staining caused by mould. In fact, we have so much confidence in our formulation that we’re offering a new Weathershield Promise, which guarantees to protect your home for as long as you live in it. Find out more about the range and view our Weathershield colour lookbook here.

If your Weathershield Masonry paint peels, flakes, or goes mouldy while you’re still living in your home, we promise to return the value of a replacement product. All you need to do is register your purchase with our easy-to-use portal*.

From sunny yellows to elegant blues, there are many great options for changing the look of your front door. For more inspiration, take a look at these attention-grabbing front door ideas.

*Registration and paint application required within 120 days of purchase. T&Cs and exclusions apply.

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