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Kids Bedrooms - How to create a storybook bedroom

Set your child’s imagination free and bring their favourite tales to life with this fantastic storybook-themed bedroom.


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Many kids have complex imaginations, and love to jump into a world of fantasy. This room has magic at its core, and will allow your child to go on adventures with all their favourite storybook characters, away from the pressures of adult life.

Difficulty: 2 out of 5

Time: weekend

Step-by-step guide

Feed your child’s imagination and bring their favourite tales to life by transforming their space into a fairytale world.

Set the scene by transforming their walls into cloud-studded skies, add a teepee hideaway and plenty of scatter cushions, and they’ll have their very own storybook corner. Whether they like to read alone or together, this bedroom theme will encourage them to start the next chapter of their literary adventures.

Turning their walls from a blank page to a blue sky is easy – read on for our step-by-step guide:

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1) Paint your wall in Blue Babe.

2) Using chalk, roughly mark out your cloud shapes.

3) Fill your cloud outlines in roughly with Jasmine White using an emulsion brush – and don’t worry about neat edges.

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4) Use two big elastic bands to make two paint stippling pads.

5) Dip one sponge pad in a little Jasmine White and soften the edges of the clouds.

6) Dip the other sponge tin a little Polished Pebble or Goose Down to add a bit of cloudy shadow and depth to finish off your clouds.

You will need:

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  1. Tee pee, Molly Meg
  2. Could mats, Le Redoute
  3. Cloud cushion, Ikea
  4. Bean bag, Molly Meg
  5. Pink linen cushion, H&M Home
  6. Green stripe pillow case, H&M Home
  7. Small pink pillow case, Merci
  8. Pink checked cushion, Ikea
  9. White throw, Ikea
  10. Unicorn slippers, John Lewis
  11. Wooden crates, Ikea
  12. Unicorn puppet, Ikea
  13. Unicorn toy, Amazon
  14. Large piggy bank, Stylist's own
  15. Books, Stylist's own
  16. Toy dog, Stylist's own
  17. Toy rabbit, Stylist's own
  18. Toy pony, Stylist's own
  19. Table lamp, Habitat
  20. Fake birds, Rocket St George
  21. Fairy lights, Ikea

The Dulux Kids' Bedrooms Workbook

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Ready to get started? Download the free kids' bedrooms workbook to help make their dream room a reality.

The positive impact of involving kids in decor decisions

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Decorating your kid’s room isn’t just about how the finished space looks. It’s about the experience you and your child undergo throughout the process – and their feelings of pride and ownership in their new-look bedroom they helped to create. Here’s what happened when we gave a little girl free rein to design her own bedroom…

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