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How To Style French Bedroom Decor

Do you dream of Paris? Bring France into your home with our French bedroom ideas and DIY bed frame so you can channel a rustic chalet without boarding the ferry.


Are you in love with the French sense of style? Do you dream of moving to France to live in a château or a ramshackle farmhouse? Well... follow these tips on how to bring the French look into your own bedroom and you won’t need to up and move anytime soon.


French bedroom décor


Body text please edit me.What’s in fashion comes and goes with the seasons, but French country décor is timeless. It tones down the aristocratic opulence of the French Empire by focusing on the rustic charms of rural France. Think of the lovely lavender fields of Provence, lanes lined with fig trees, wild plants and olive groves, and row upon row of vineyards in the Rhône Valley, dappled with sunlight. The lush French countryside provides the blueprint for French country style.

French bedroom décor plays with artfully arranged antique chairs, crisp white linens, and Chinoiserie pottery. It’s a feminine look that uses soft colours, natural materials like wood, wicker and rattan, along with layered fabrics and soft furnishings to create a languid style that inspires you to switch off from the frantic pace of modern life.


French colour schemes


For the perfect French colour scheme, start by painting walls in soft, neutral colours, such as shades of white, lilac or beige, or the restful Timeless from the Dulux range. Plain walls will allow your soft furnishings and ornaments to stand out. Accessorise with accents of warm gold and burnt reds in your pillows and throws for a touch of glamour and glitz.

French bedroom décor should create a sense of peace and calm. As such, bright, primary colours tend to be avoided in French country bedrooms. If you are going for an authentic farmhouse look, try this soothing Cotton Bloom to nail the rustic rural style. You can, however, brighten your room with subtle yellows and seagrass greens through the careful arrangement of antique objects that catch the eye.

Small accessories, such as dipped plant pots, painted trays and side tables will add personality to your French bedroom ideas. Follow these simple DIY tips to give the subtle blush of a Dulux Soft Cinnebar 5 a lift with an earthy Cherished Gold.


Key furniture pieces


Your bed should be the hero piece in your French-style bedroom, and a vintage bed frame with sinuous lines and an ornate headboard works a treat. But a bed is a big-ticket purchase, so why not style up your existing one instead. Add some sumptuous bed linen in pastel shades, and inject some pattern and texture with a few new cushions. You could even add a cushioned headboard. Paint the wall behind your bed with the warm tones of Dulux Cherished Gold. Paired with Blue Charm and Pebble Drift 3, it will strike a balance between warm and cool and offset the feminine look.

You don’t need to replace everything in your room to achieve a different feel, but switching a few key pieces can have a dramatic effect. A weathered antique dresser or dark wood wardrobe will add visual interest and ensure your French bedroom stays chic and clutter-free.




Small accessories, such as dipped plant pots, painted trays and side tables will add personality to your French-style bedroom. Consider using the subtle blush of Dulux Soft Cinnebar 5 and earthy Cherished Gold to create a golden French glow.

Antiques add interest and individuality, so head to the flea markets and charity shops to find contrasting accessories such as old metallic lamps, vintage books, or even a distressed dressing screen to protect your modesty – distressed furniture is typical of the French country style. Add drama with a cushioned headboard or an elaborate drape to create a bed worthy of a French queen.

Modern French-style bedroom ideas


If the full-blown traditional look is a step too far, and you want to put a modern twist to your French bedroom ideas, pare back the gilded mirrors and floral motifs and go for a more relaxed style with wild flowers on your dresser and oversized cream pillows on your bed.

Et voila – you’ve got yourself a French country bedroom to be proud of.

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