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How to Do (Stylish) Unisex Decorating

From movie nights to favourite dinners and household chores, relationships and compromise go hand-in-hand. It goes without saying, then, that decorating your first home together is bound to be a subject that sparks debate between the two of you. But how do you find the middle ground when it comes to your home décor?

Enter our Him + Her colour palette – your solution to decorating dramas that doesn’t scrimp on style. It’s a carefully edited selection of shades that balance traditionally masculine and feminine hues, so you can use them in any combo you (and your other half) fancy. Banish stereotypical man-caves and girly boudoirs and say hello to domestic bliss. 

Gender Neutral Colours

Choosing a base colour that appeals to both you and your partner can be tricky. You want to find the happy medium between a typically feminine colour (like lavender) and a typically masculine colour (like dark blue). Check out our gender-neutral colour palette ideas for inspiration.

Unisex Living Room Ideas

Want to create the perfect gender-neutral living room? Read on for our ultimate first home decorating ideas.

Light and shade


Contrast is key in any relationship, and this includes when it comes to decorating. Our tip is to mix dark and light schemes throughout your home to make each space feel interesting and different from the last.

For the living room, choose either a light shade (such as pale pink) or a darker shade (such as brown) for your base colour, depending on what look you’d like to create. Keep the neutral theme with furnishings and textiles that match, or choose contrasting colours for sofas, rugs and cushions to add character and a pop of colour. 

Get the look

Try Mysterious Teal and Vintage Smoke for a dark and moody living room next to a Powder Pink and Bleached Lichen 3 landing or hall for a well-balanced home (and an end to paint-related arguments forever).

Block party

Whether you’re going for sultry pinks or cool blues, bold colour-blocking is a sure-fire way to keep your scheme looking contemporary and fresh, thus avoiding falling into man-cave or girly boudoir clichés.

Remember, you don’t just have to colour-block bold colours. You can tone it down by colour-blocking neutral, pastel shades or by using thin strips for just a touch of impact. 

Get the look

Give your space a subtle injection of colour with wide, horizontal bands of coordinating shades – try contrasting neutrals such as Beauty Cream with a slick of pale pink or blue (such as Jewelled Creek 4, pictured) for an easy colour trade-off.

Alternatively, if you’re going for drama, block two hot shades together – such as Soft Cinnabar 1 and Nomadic Glow 1 – for maximum impact. The bolder, the better; that way, you’ll sidestep any unwanted frilliness.

Gender Neutral Bedroom Ideas

Start with a neutral base


Much like a gender-neutral living room, creating a gender-neutral master bedroom comes down to compromising on a base colour. It’s usually safest to go with shades such as cream, grey, pale blue, or pale green, which don’t lean towards being too masculine or too feminine. When it comes to furniture, try to find a wood you both approve of (this will also require compromise).

Metallic furniture is also a great option for a gender-neutral master bedroom – just make sure that both parties are completely happy with the design. 

Get the look

Consider neutral shades such as Orchid White, Cream Tea or Pearl Grey for a base colour you can both agree on. 

Add masculine and feminine touches 

When you’ve decided on the base colour, you have free reign to add smaller masculine and feminine touches with the furniture, accessories and textiles. For instance, you could try pairing a feminine duvet cover with a masculine rug or vice versa. Make the room feel cosy with personal aspects such as photographs of the two of you or candles, plants, stacked books, or even an edgy vintage figurine – the choice is totally yours.


Now that’s sorted, you can get back to arguing about the little things, like whose turn it is to put the bin out. Get your perfect match of colours mixed up at your nearest Mixlab stockist.

Can’t decide on a shade? Download the Dulux Visualizer app and choose your colour with confidence. 

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