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How to Create a Trolls Themed Bedroom

Transform your little adventurer's room into a colourful, wondrous Troll Village.


Let your little one's true colours shine through with their very own bold and beautiful Troll Village.

A bright and encouraging space like this will allow your child to embark on exciting adventures with their favourite characters like Poppy, the happiest Troll ever born, and Branch, her slightly overly-cautious partner in crime.

Ready to get started? It's easier than it looks.

Difficulty: Not too tricky

Time: A weekend


What you'll need:


Step 1: First, start with the sky. Make sure your walls are covered in a calm, Blue Babe. Make sure to paint a second coat of paint for extra bold colours.

Step 2: Next we need to line up the grass. Use masking tape to shape the grassy spikes. Remember to ensure the tape is stuck down as tightly as possible against the wall to avoid any paint running.

Step 3: Using a small paint roller and a bright green Kiwi Crush, paint below the masking tape lines. Allow to dry.


Step 4: Once the grass is dry, use masking tape to outline your tree trunk. Making sure the tape is neatly stuck, fill in the tree trunk with Intense Truffle.


Step 5: Using two pencils and a string to hold them together, start drawing circles with a circumference of 50cm and 25cm above the trunk for the bright and colourful crown.


Step 6: Fill in your circles using alternating colours in Tangerine TwistFuschia Lily and Kiwi Crush.


Step 7: Of course, this wouldn't be a Troll themed bedroom without some actual Trolls! First, create a cut out a template of Trolls' big hair using your cardboard and stick it onto the top of the grass section on your wall using the masking tape.

Step 8: Paint inside the template in bright, bold Troll-worthy shades such as Tangerine Twist, and Fuschia Lily. Ta-da! You have yourself a Troll Village (with no Bergens in sight!). Just repeat this process along the painted grass with however many little Trolls you'd like.


Complete the look

1. Children's stool, Ikea, £5

2. Moran Bed, Wilko, £60

3. Red metal floor lamp, Fusion Living, £114 or for similar, Tesco, £25

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