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How to Achieve a Diamond Paint Effect

Try this bold and beautiful pattern to make your very own feature wall with a twist.


Give plain bedroom walls an element of pattern with this diamond pattern wall effect. Use a neutral colour scheme for a subtle, grown-up feel, or pick a brighter colour and a neutral (such as red or pink) for a playful look that'll bring a fun feel to kids spaces.

Difficulty rating: 3 out of 5 Time: 1 Day

You will need:

  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • 1 x A3 piece of paper
  • Paint in your chosen colours
  • 1 x small roller
  • Masking tape
  • Spirit level

Step 1: Fold an A3 piece of card in half and fold again so it's a quarter of it's original size. Draw a diagonal line across the folded card then cut along it to make your diamond template.

Step 2: To make things easier use a spirit level to draw out a grid system on the wall. Begin by drawing from ceiling to floor with a pencil which you can rub out later on.

Step 3: Each cross section of your grid will be the centre point of your diamond in your pattern. So once you have your first vertical line you need to mark your horizontal lines on the wall. Place your diamond template on the wall where you’d like your pattern to begin, then make a mark at the top and bottom of the template.

Step 4: Use a spirit line to continue the line across the width of the wall. Now you have your horizontal lines mark out the vertical lines to complete your grid.

Step 5: Fold your diamond in half on its width and mark your first centre vertical position. Then open up your template and mark your vertical line positions along the wall. Use a spirit level again to draw on those vertical lines.

Step 6: Now you've done the tricky bit its time to bring your diamond pattern to life. Starting from one side of the wall position the middle of your template at one of the cross sections you’ve created draw around your templates and repeat across the wall.

Step 7: Tape along the lines of your diamonds to create nice clean shapes and use your small roller to start painting.

Step 8: Once you've finished, carefully peel off your tape and rub out any pencil lines to reveal the striking diamond effect. Ta-da!

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