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Creative nursery schemes for parents stuck in a colour rut

Bring your baby’s room to life with these five inspiring colour combinations.


“We don’t want to go for the usual pink and blue in our baby’s nursery, but we don’t know where to start. Can you suggest any interesting alternatives?”

Nurseries are a fantastic opportunity to have some fun with your decorating scheme, and playing around with colour is a great place to start.

Our experts have chosen five inspiring colour combinations that are guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing.


Citrus burst

Warm and passionate, citrus colours are incredibly striking when teamed with understated cool neutrals. Think juicy hues of lemon yellow, orange fizz, kiwi green and blood orange.

Even a small dose of these bright colours will create an atmosphere bursting with youthful energy to match the little person who’ll be living in the room.

If you’re new to decorating with bold colours, why not try before your buy using the Dulux Visualizer app?

It gives you an instant impression of how your room will look once it’s been painted and is really easy to use. Simply hold your Smartphone or tablet up to the wall you want to paint, choose any colour from the Dulux paint palette and tap the screen to make the colour appear on your wall.

Which paints?
Polished Pebble
Vanilla Sundae


Inspired by nature

If you think blue and green should never be seen, think again! Grass green and sky blue not only make for a wonderful nature-inspired colour palette, they’re also calming hues that will bring a sense of tranquillity to your baby’s surroundings.

The colours contrast beautifully, as blue gives a real sense of space and freedom, while green adds depth and warmth.

Why not paint your walls green and your ceiling blue to echo the way the colours appear in nature?

Which paints?
Kiwi Crush
Azure Fusion 4
Niagara Blues 1


Pink meets turquoise

Pink is still a go-to hue for many parents expecting a girl, but if you want to think outside the box, why not try pairing bright pink with turquoise? These colours may seem like a bold combination but when used sparingly they’re surprisingly appealing.

For a preppy look, pair an emerald green with a soft, muted pink like blush or dusty rose. Want to make a serious statement? Choose a moss green for the walls and ceiling and paint one wall in a brilliantly hot pink like fuchsia or orchid.

Which paints?
Enchanted Eden
Blue Diamond 3
Party Surprise 2
Russian Velvet 3


Urban blend

Give vibrant and uplifting aqua an urban edge by pairing it with a warm muted green. This modern colour combination is perfect for parents who are waiting to find out the gender of their child, or for those who want to create a timeless nursery space.

Combine with furniture in natural tones, such as brown and white, for an easy-to-live-with look that/s also timeless.

Which paints?
Highland Falls 4
Crystal Surprise 4


Candy crush

Give pastels a modern edge by pairing them with a soft shade of brown. When choosing the pastel hues, think candy colours: soft pink, lemon and blueberry. Alone, these shades have the potential to look saccharine, but when paired with a warm neutral, like mocha, chocolate or latte, they take on a modern, sophisticated feel.

Candy coloured pastels also look fabulous when paired with lots of white and warm wood tones, like oak and timber.

Which paints?
Rose Trellis
Sumatran Melody 5

Top tip

If you’re still struggling to choose your paint, why not pick a theme for your nursery and the colours will follow naturally? For example, a woodland theme suggests green paint, while a seaside scheme suggests blue and yellow.

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