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Create a Contemporary White Kitchen

From white cabinets to white countertops, our all-white kitchen ideas have got you covered. Create a bright and modern, contemporary white kitchen with Dulux.


Dreaming of a white kitchen? Here’s how to turn it into reality.

Timeless, clean and bright, an all-white kitchen lets you focus on what you do in the heart and soul of your home. It invites clarity of mind, evokes serenity and lends itself to creativity whenever you feel a surge of inspiration for change. If you can’t help but think that white translates to bland and boring, get set for a fresh perspective with our contemporary white kitchen ideas.


Why white rules in the kitchen

white kitchen gold lighting

It’s no secret that white is the epitome of cleanliness and perhaps this is the prime reason many of us dream of a pristine, all-white kitchen. It also provides the ideal blank canvas for decorating in a way that suits your personality, while enhancing the atmosphere you love to cook, eat and socialise in. When trends change or boredom creeps in, simple tweaks to accents and accessories can transform the entire effect. As a backdrop, an all-white kitchen truly is timeless and forever adaptable.

If you’re worried about a bland or clinical feel, one of the great benefits of white is its ability to either warm up or cool down space. When your kitchen receives a lot of sunlight, coat the walls in Ultra White to neutralise the light. For darker rooms, use a warm tone like White Mist, with hints of yellow for cosiness. Combine white walls with rich, creamy accents around door frames, trim and features to add depth and interest.


Small white kitchen tips

modern white kitchen

Trying to cook up a feast in a cramped kitchen doesn’t do much for your peace of mind. However, when you slather the room in white, the reflection of natural light does wonders for making it feel brighter, more spacious and, ultimately, stress-free. Choose white walls, white countertops and white cabinets for your base. Then, you’re ready to play with style.

Horizontal tiles above your benchtops around the kitchen will help make the space feel wider. Combine them with dark grout for a striking effect that adds depth. Make your storage work extra hard and ensure it doubles as a decorative element. Stylish countertop baskets, floating shelves and space-saving organisers keep your small white kitchen feeling clean and clear. Do you have room on top of the fridge? It’s the perfect spot for some refreshing greenery and a dash of colour.


White cabinets and storage solutions

white kitchen tiles cupboards

As the prime storage option and often a major feature of the kitchen, you want your cupboards to look clean and fresh to match the walls. Along with increasing the illusion of space in a small kitchen, white kitchen cupboards give you the green light to get creative with benchtops, door handles and drawer knobs. Choose brass, silver, black or natural wood for an elegant contrast without distracting from the all-white appeal.

In terms of other storage, a contemporary white kitchen is no place for excess clutter getting in the way of clean lines. Consider smart storage solutions with the ability to hide odds and ends, like under-cabinet drawers, hooks inside cabinet doors and cupboard organisers that increase storage room. For display shelves, highlight useful items that enhance the design, including wooden chopping boards, crockery, plants or decorative jars and containers.


All-white kitchen décor

white kitchen colourful decor

The use of texture in an all-white kitchen is the key to creating that welcoming vibe the heart of your home deserves. Best of all, accessories and furnishings let your personality shine through without having to splash too much colour throughout the design - unless you want to, of course. First of all, look to the floor as an area to liven up with a patterned rug, which is also a great option if you’re tight on space.

Metallic statement lighting really makes an impact on white, so choose gold or silver tones to match your individual style. For open-plan spaces, experiment with furniture to add visual interest with natural wood for warmth or black for a modern edge. When you can’t do without colour, adds splashes of your favourite hues with wall clocks, painted shelves, colourful kitchenware, artwork and potted plants.


Keeping white bright

By this stage, you might be thinking that an all-white kitchen sounds wonderful. That is, if only you could keep the kids from coming in, the frypan oil from spitting on the wall and the red wine from sloshing on the white cabinets. Fair point, but we’ve got the solution to keeping your white paint clean and bright. Dulux Easycare Kitchen has a grease proof formulation that’s tough enough to resist everyday cooking stains. Plus, it's easy to wash and the colour won't fade. So, you can let the kids back into the kitchen.

Even if, over many years, the ‘brightness’ of your design dulls with heavy use, this is the easiest colour scheme to update. After all, you’re only ever a lick of fresh, white paint away from a gleaming, all-white kitchen that’s as good as new.

Looking for further white paint inspiration? Discover your perfect shade of white with our white and neutral decorating ideas.

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