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Decorating Ideas for White Living Room Furniture

White living room furniture can be versatile. With our ideas, go modern with a white and silver living room or layer shades of ivory and cream for elegant comfort.


From cosy comfort to luxurious indulgence, white is the master of versatility in the living room.

If you’re looking for limitless design possibilities, white living room furniture acts as the ideal base for wielding your creative wand. It’s so versatile, in fact, that simple décor tips and tricks create the ambience of your choice, from homely comfort to timeless elegance and contemporary cool. More is less with white walls, so this combination boasts all the right ingredients for a stunning backdrop. The key to working with this classic shade is choosing the right tones to suit your style and your home.

White is never just white - that’s why it’s the master of versatility. 

Work with natural light


Natural light plays the starring role in how shades of white appear in your living room. Choosing the right one comes down to either balancing or enhancing the states of warm and cool. First and foremost, consider the amount of natural light that enters your space. As cool whites have a grey or blue base, they neutralise natural sunlight. This means they work well in living rooms where sunlight floods in for much of the day, by offering a clean, crisp look to balance it.

Warm whites have a yellow or brown base that throws warmth to imbue a sense of cosiness. A cream and white living room, for example, is a better choice for darker spaces. The softening appeal of cream takes place of natural sunlight. Meanwhile, warm white on the ceiling or walls brightens things up by creating surfaces to reflect the light you do have.

Play with popular whites


When you’ve determined how to achieve a balance between cool and warm in the living room, it’s time to play with Dulux’s most popular whites to start decorating! Before you choose your paint, don’t forget to consider the tone of your white living room furniture, in order to match or contrast it with your design. Let’s start with hues to warm up the room.

Ivory paint can convey hints of yellow or beige that offset other warm neutrals and provide a soft backdrop. Subtle Ivory 4 is soothing, yet has the ability to brighten up a room in an instant. Slather your walls in Jasmine White or Timeless for subtle warmth or sink right in with Fine Cream. To cool things down, consider a refreshing coat of Moon Shimmer or Rock Salt.

Settle in with contemporary grey


From the palest ash to deep charcoal, grey never fails to produce a contemporary feel that’s always on-trend. Better yet, grey is almost as versatile as white, with properties that appear both warm and cool depending on what it's teamed with. On a backdrop of white living room furniture and walls, create a palette that soothes you into bliss or makes a dramatic statement - it’s entirely up to you.

To create depth and interest, dark shades of grey contrast perfectly with white. Paint charcoal accents for window frames or trim, add a deep grey statement chair or highlight the centre of the room with a nearly-black coffee table. Plants offer a splash of refreshing green and enhance a Scandinavian style when you combine this colour scheme with wooden floorboards.

Lap up cream and white luxury


There’s something decadent and indulgent about a cream and white living room that defines modern luxury. The blend has the ability to appear bright and airy while exuding a warm, understated elegance that’s perfect for lounging around on lazy weekends. Combining white and cream also adds depth to a room, so don’t be afraid of using a variety of tones.

The easiest way to achieve the look is to mix white living room furniture with walls slathered in warm, creamy shades. To create the illusion of space, paint the ceiling in a lighter colour than the walls. Choose darker tones for trim around the bottom of the walls. Harmonise the scheme by matching statement furniture pieces and accessories with your accent shades.

Personalise with patterns and metallics


Whether you choose ivory paint or a blend of luxurious creams, personalising your living room is the key to a homey feeling within the design. Introducing patterns and a variety of textures creates depth and a welcoming ambience. Pluck shades from your walls to highlight them with patterned cushions, cosy throws and upholstered furniture.

When you’re yearning for some more glamour in your life, look no further than silver accents and accessories. Adorn your cream and white living room with metallic pendant lights, decorative mirrors, silver lamps, ornaments and candles. Choose silver-greys for plush rugs and cushions scattered throughout. Copper and gold metallics work well and contribute to a warm, traditional feel on a white backdrop.

Roll it on with confidence


The only problem with white being a master of versatility is the agony of choosing from so many options! We’ve got the perfect solution for narrowing down your choices and testing your favourite shades on the walls. Dulux roller testers work just like decorating rollers, to test colours and get an accurate look at the finished result. This is especially useful in seeing how the light changes white paint at different times of the day. They’re available in ready-mixed shades and you can order them online with free delivery to your door.

So, why not invite white to join you in the living room this weekend?


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