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Colour Know-How: Paint Colours for Your Wellbeing

Choose your colours wisely to improve your wellbeing and be your happiest at home


From the way you feel in the morning to how you rest at night, the colours you choose for your home have a huge impact on your wellbeing. Here, our creative director Marianne Shillingford imparts her words of wisdom on the matter, inspiring you to choose colours that improve your mood, sleep patterns, concentration and stress levels. Get your hues right, and your health and happiness will look after themselves.


Enhance Your Happiness

“Colours that bring out our inner child really help to lift our mood and make us feel happy. These are the shades that offer a party for the eyes. Think Berry SmoothieCopper BlushMelon Sorbet and Marine Splash, all brilliant hues bursting with positive energy and simple joy. You also don’t need a lot to make a big difference to the way a room looks, and you feel. Try painting a few mismatched chairs or unused picture frames to put a spring in your step (and a smile on your face) in the rooms you spend most of your time in. Regularly used bedrooms and living rooms can both benefit from a mood boost that will impact on the whole family.”


Better Your Sleep

“Colours that whisper rather than shout are a must for the bedrooms of restless sleepers. Deep blues and dark greys help to reduce stimulation levels that build up throughout the day and promote a sense of calm and relaxation. Experiment with colours such as Sapphire Salute and Natural Slate to stop counting sheep and start enjoying deep sleep. Be bold and paint the ceiling, too, cocooning the space and stopping you from staring at a stark white surface all night.”

Focus Your Attention

“Shades that have a long visual wavelength like reds and oranges sharpen your attention span, meaning they’re perfect for zoned study spaces or dedicated home offices in which you need to be the sparkiest version of yourself. Meanwhile, blues and greens help clear cluttered minds, and greys provide the least distraction if your thoughts have a tendency to wander. For razor-sharp focus, opt for something attention grabbing like Pepper Red; and for absolute clarity, try clutter-busting Mossy Stone.”


“Lift your mood with hues that are full of positive energy"

Reduce Your Stress

“When we are feeling stressed (increasingly so, in these busy, chaotic times), we need to completely reduce the visual noise and surround ourselves with tranquil colours that melt the walls away and reconnect us with nature. Try layers of soft greens and subdued blues like Tranquil Dawn and Denim Drift on the walls in living rooms or bedrooms, to help you zone out and switch off. Consider introducing a peaceful horizon line by painting a band of colour on one-third of the upper or lower wall.”

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