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Blue and white bedroom ideas

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary; a space that makes you feel both relaxed and energised. Blue is an inherently soothing colour, reminiscent of the sky and the sea, and when paired with white, the result is a tranquil, beautiful and dreamy décor scheme.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to blue and white bedroom design ideas thanks to the wide spectrum of blue shades. From light turquoise and bright aqua to inky indigo and deep navy, there’s a hue to suit every taste, whether you want to create the feeling of a seaside escape or a country retreat.

Explore our blue and white bedroom ideas, with tips on how to choose the perfect blue and white colour scheme for your home.

Blue and white bedroom design ideas 

1.       Go minimal with light blue and white

There are few colour schemes more soothing than light blue and white. When paired together, it can remind you of fresh spring mornings, when the sky is hazy and flecked with wispy white clouds. Consider painting all your walls a light blue, like Mineral Mist, with ceilings and woodwork painted a crisp white. Alternatively paint a light blue feature wall with bright white on the other walls. Accessorise with other shades of blue for a dreamy bedroom scheme.


2.       Maintain mystery with inky blue and white

For a beautiful, brooding boudoir, go for an inky shade of blue like Denim Drift. Inky blue bedding complements the walls, then contrast the indigo shades with bright white woodwork to lift the look. Add accessories in complementary shades of white and turquoise, and add some stripes for a touch of pattern.


3.       Pair with a pop of colour

A blue and white bedroom doesn’t have to be limited to these two colours alone. Consider adding a pop of colour to complement the scheme. A dusky pink like Heart Wood makes for an easy-going and soothing colour combination. Play with colour blocking and contrast, and add accessories in natural fabrics like cotton, linen and wood to add to the feeling of relaxation.

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4.       Add a splash of unique design to your bedroom wall 

Use clever paint tricks to create a unique feature wall. Start with a bright and saturated shade of blue like Sapphire Salute, then use masking tape and white paint to create the illusion of a geometric headboard. Add bright white lampshades and other accessories for a coherent look, plus bedding in shades of grey for a touch of softness.


5.       Escape to the country with wooden accents

For a country-inspired blue and white bedroom, start with light blue walls and add chic white wooden shutters. Add a contemporary wooden armchair and dark wooden photo frames, then add layers of sumptuous bedding for a bedroom fit for a boutique countryside hotel.


How to choose the right blue and white colour scheme for your bedroom

  • Think about the mood you want to create

Do you want a bedroom that is soothing and blissful? Stick to cooler shades of blue. Or if you want something a little bolder and more stimulating, go for more vibrant hues.

  • Ensure it’s true to your style

We spend a third of our lives asleep, which means we spend even more than a third of our lives in our bedroom. The colour scheme you choose should be true to your style to ensure your bedroom is a space where you feel happy, comfortable and relaxed.

  • Use a durable paint so that the freshness lasts longer

Our Easycare paint range is durable and stain resistant, so scuffs and spills can be easily wiped away, keeping your bedroom looking fresher for longer.

  • Consider how you can keep the style looking fresh throughout the year

As the seasons change, you might want to add extra cushions and blankets, different accent colours and different lighting. Think about how you’d like your bedroom to look throughout the year and ensure your blue and white colour scheme fits in with that.

Explore our blue bedroom hub for more inspiration, with tips and advice to help you create your perfect blue boudoir.

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