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A beginner’s guide to decorating with dark blue walls

For a smart, sophisticated and sumptuous decorating scheme, look no further than dark blue walls. They’re bold and dramatic, yet at the same time create an atmosphere that is cosy and inviting since dark blue sits on the warmer side of the blue spectrum. In colour theory, blue tones are said to evoke clarity and pureness, and this certainly applies to dark blue. In the home, the shade brings with it some instant calm.

Read on for inspiration and advice on how to feature dark blue walls in rooms around the home and for tips on what goes with dark blue walls. You’ll soon find out just how versatile they can be.

How to decorate with dark blue walls

There are a number of things to consider about your space before you choose which shade of dark blue walls you intend to incorporate in your home, including lighting, furniture, and available space.

Dark blue walls will suit a room with high ceilings and lots of natural light more than others, as the darker shade can otherwise deplete a room of the guise of space. If your space is limited, then consider your fifth wall – the ceiling. Painting the ceiling a darker hue of blue will naturally create a cocoon of calm, perfect for any room in the home.

Depending on the personal style of the decorator, there are various themes that can be created with dark blue walls. For a beach vibe, pair deep ocean blues with light wood and white stripes for an instant nautical feel, while adding in luxe furnishings in velvet or fur to a deep teal room will automatically generate a sumptuous and decadent space perfect for hosting.

Dark blue walls are also a wonderful idea for high-traffic areas, as they disguise dark scuffs and stains. Pick a colour from our Easycare range and your walls will be washable too!

Here are some ideas for dark blue walls in different rooms around your home.


Dark blue walls in the bedroom

  • Contrast with lighter colours to brighten the room

Blue is the perfect colour for a bedroom, thanks to its naturally calming qualities. Create balance in your blue bedroom by contrasting dark blue walls with lighter accents. The addition of light and bright accents – from adjacent white walls to small touches in the form of lampshades and cushions – will help to brighten the room and make the space feel bigger.


  • Use different tones of blue to create a tranquil blue sanctuary  

When different shades of blue are used alongside dark blue in the bedroom, the result is a tranquil space fit for rest and relaxation. Paint adjacent walls in different shades of blue, like Atlantic Blue and First Dawn, then echo these colours and other blue tones in soft furnishings. Blue is a colour deeply rooted in the natural world, so adding natural elements like rattan and reclaimed wood will create a gentle theme that is both grounding and relaxing.


Dark blue walls in the kitchen     

  • Pair with crisp, clean cabinets for an elegant and modern finish  

Dark blue walls in a kitchen are bold and contemporary, and they’re also incredibly versatile when it comes to adding fittings and furniture. In a kitchen with dark blue walls, you can choose between dark cabinetry or contrasting light cabinetry. White cabinets are the best option for smaller blue kitchens as they add lightness and brightness, creating the illusion of space. Crisp, clean cabinets also look elegant and modern alongside dark blue walls. Copper or gold pipes and fittings can bring a hint of vintage chic to a modern space.


  • Coordinate with wooden furniture to add warmth and depth

Coordinating dark blue walls with reclaimed wooden furniture and dark textiles creates a minimalistic, modern take on farmhouse chic. The addition of wooden furniture will also add warmth and depth to the heart of your home. Consider isolating dark blue to the bottom half of the wall, with a lighter shade on top to make the area feel more open and spacious.


  • Transform plain brick walls with dark blue paint   

Transform tired brick walls by painting them with a dark blue paint like Sapphire Salute. Hang framed pictures to break up the block colour and add Scandi-style wooden furniture to complete the look.


Dark blue walls in the bathroom     

  • Achieve a spa-like aesthetic with dark blue tiles

In the bathroom you can opt for dark blue paint or dark blue tiles, but whichever you choose, pair your dark blue walls with clean and bright white accents for a bathroom that belongs in a luxury spa. This watery colour scheme feels serene, soothing and oh-so-sumptuous.


  • Bring the outdoor in with houseplants

As we’ve mentioned, the colour blue is deeply rooted in the natural world, so tile your walls with ocean blue tiles and then accessorise your bathroom with houseplants galore. Do your research to ensure you choose plants that thrive in humidity and low lighting, and continue the theme with framed prints of foliage.

Keeping your colour options open? Check out other colour ideas for busy rooms.

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