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Navy blue bedroom colour schemes

Choosing a colour for your bedroom can be tricky; finding something that is soothing in the evenings yet energising in the mornings. Whether you’re looking for a statement colour or a tone to complement another shade, you can’t go wrong with navy blue.

Navy blue is a great colour for a bedroom, it creates a calming mood which is ideal for a room of rest. It’s able to contrast and complement other colours, creating almost endless possibilities. Whichever way you choose to introduce navy blue into your bedroom decorating scheme, you won’t be disappointed. Read on for some navy blue bedroom inspiration.

1.  Go for a navy blue bedroom with pink accents     

Make the most of your bedroom walls to bring the space to life. Introducing another colour can do just that, and choosing the right colour can help create a room you absolutely love being in.

Using a dusty pink like Heartwood can bring a navy blue like Lost Lake to life, especially when set against a neutral shade. Continuing the navy blue and pink combination throughout the soft furnishings in the room will add cohesion and tie the look together. The warm and cool tones of each shade will complement each other and elevate the space, adding a sense of comfort and calm which is perfect for the bedroom. 

2.  Coordinate with a pop of colour     

Let your creativity shine through while decorating and co-ordinate navy blue with a contrasting colour in your bedroom.  You can let your imagination run wild using wall effects such as stenciling or ombre; the bedroom is a great space for you to express your personality and make the room unique to you.

The best way to add a pop of colour to a navy blue bedroom is to opt for a darker base which will create a much more dramatic look when paired with a lighter and brighter shade. Sapphire Salute is a strong and easy-to-pair shade of blue paint which contrasts perfectly with an injection of yellow like Honey Mustard. Style the room with darker furnishings to make a serene sleeping environment. 

3.  Opt for a modern white and blue bedroom    

To create a navy blue bedroom with a contemporary feel, try pairing dark navy walls with white. Sapphire Salute looks fantastic when coupled with white adjacent walls and creates a relaxing atmosphere. Coupling blue and white can also enhance the feeling of a seaside retreat depending on the soft furnishings you choose to add.

Using white is also a great way to break up a deep and decadent shade of blue, which can be overpowering, especially in smaller settings. You can choose to either continue the colour scheme through to your soft furnishings or completely contrast them. This colour scheme really pops when set against lighter wood flooring and furniture. 

4.  Create a serene space with a neutral blue colour scheme

When we think of navy blue it’s easy to imagine a rich and deep shade, but opting for a more neutral navy can help create a calmer colour scheme. Denim Drift is a cool shade which pairs beautifully with crisp pinks and muted greys to form a serene landscape.

A cooler colour scheme calls for plenty of soft furnishings – think chunky knits and lots of pillows to add a sense of cosiness. Muted shades also look perfect with more rustic, dishevelled décor to transport you to a tranquil paradise. 

5.  Try a minimalistic scheme with all-blue everything        

The spectrum of blues is vast, and with seemingly endless shades to choose from you can create a variety of effects in your bedroom. Vast Lake and Breton Blue interact wonderfully with each other to make a peaceful oasis.

Using two shades is also a great way to incorporate a darker shade into your space without it becoming overwhelming. You can choose whichever you want to be the dominant colour and then add furniture or soft furnishings in similar hues. Take note of where natural light falls in the room and do what you can to optimise that with the lighter shade. 

6.  Make a statement with a navy blue feature wall        

Your bedroom is a great place to take some risks, and if you’ve got a lot of space you can play around with bolder patterns. Geometric patterns are ever popular, but if you’re not feeling confident enough to embrace that, simpler patterns can be just as effective.

Sea Blue and Atlantic Blue work harmoniously together and would look fantastic set behind the headboard of a bedroom to make a spectacle of where you rest your head. You can also paint furniture in the room to match the wall colours. This attention to detail will really help to elevate the look.

Creating a bedroom where you’re excited to retreat to at the end of the day doesn’t have to be difficult. From more neutral shades to deeper and decadent hues, there are lots of opportunities to form a peaceful and restful navy blue bedroom. Explore more ways to use blue paint in your home.

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