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“Feel the joy”: get inspired by Bianca’s bedroom makeover

I’ve been through a lot in my bedroom,” says cancer survivor, artist and inspirational Instagrammer Bianca Brown, who has been bravely documenting the journey on her channel @thecancerdiary. “It’s where I contemplated my diagnosis and dealt with round after round of chemotherapy. It got to the stage where I didn’t want my bedroom to represent the difficulties of being a cancer patient anymore and it needed a transformation.” 

That’s where Stacey Solomon, much-loved TV personality and DIY lover, stepped in to help. With her love of pink, Stacey was a natural choice when it came to selecting Dulux Colour of the Year 2024 Ambassador, using this year’s shade Sweet Embrace™ to change both how Bianca’s bedroom looks as well as how it feels for her to come home.

Bianca explains: “Once I was going through treatment, obviously I couldn’t do anything, so it remained white with a really clinical feel. I needed some joy.” Stacey’s response was to “paint all that negativity away” with a scheme that feels positive. Taking inspiration from the Calm palette – launched alongside Dulux Colour of the Year to build confidence and creativity when curating schemes – Bianca worked with Stacey and Dulux creative director Marianne Shillingford to create a sanctuary at her flat in Waterloo, London. 

The scheme is centred around a striking ombré effect behind the bed that combines Sweet Embrace™, Tranquil Dawn, Pea Shoot and Nordic Hills for a soothing nod to nature while a curved backdrop in Nordic Hills frames the TV. Stacey says: “What I love about the ombré effect is that it looks really complicated, but it’s actually just as easy as painting a wall one colour.”

“Working with Stacey and Dulux on my bedroom renovation – and using Sweet Embrace™ on my walls – has totally changed the way I feel about the space,” Bianca reflects. “As an artist, I express myself a lot through colour, and having my bedroom as a canvas has been so much fun! Sweet Embrace™ has allowed me to feel at peace in my own bedroom while showing the influence that even such a delicate colour can have. The ombré effect is particularly soothing to me – it helps me feel grounded as I get into bed every night.”

Marianne adds: “We were really touched by Bianca’s story and were delighted to collaborate with her in the redesign of her bedroom – leaning on her artistic eye and flair for creativity. It’s easy to see why so many people take to the ombré effect. It’s unique and expressive – like leaving a paint fingerprint on a wall. The best part is you decide the colours and how many you want to combine to create a space that’s distinctively yours.”

Bianca concludes: “I can’t stop smiling. It feels lovely. I didn’t realise how much impact colour can have!”

Watch how to recreate an ombré effect in your own room.

You will need: Dust sheet, decorators’ masking tape, tape measure and chalk, 1x2” or 1x3” paintbrush, 2x emulsion paint rollers and trays, and your choice of emulsion paint colours (we’ve used Sweet Embrace™, Tranquil Dawn, Pea Shoot and Nordic Hills).

Preparation is key: Make sure you have enough space to work in and use dust sheets to protect the floor and furniture. Mask off the walls, ceilings and woodwork you’re not working on.

  1. Measure and mark a line on the wall where the two colours need to blend.
  2. Apply a lighter paint colour to the top part of the wall with a roller and allow to dry.
  3. Apply a darker paint colour to the bottom half of the wall with a roller. Allow to try.
  4. Use a roller loaded with the darker colour to create a band of fresh paint just below the line.
  5. Use a brush to blend the colours together using a criss-cross brush stroke.

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Get the look by ordering a Roller Tester or committing to a can of Sweet Embrace™, Tranquil Dawn, Pea Shoot and Nordic Hills.

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