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Dulux Damp Seal Primer & Undercoat

Damp Seal Primer & Undercoat for sealing patches of damp
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Key information
  • Coverage Up to 8m2/litre
  • Drying Time Touch dry in 4 hours (depending on conditions). Allow to dry fully before overcoating (overnight)
  • Coats 1
Product Features
  • Long lasting protection.

Product Description

Dulux Damp Seal covers damp or water stains on walls and ceillings whilst also preventing the stain from reappearing. Available in a Matt finish which can be easily over-painted in your perfect colour.

Application Description

Use a brush or roller. Allow new plaster to dry for at least 1 to 2 weeks before using this product. Apply the product generously to damp but not saturated surfaces working well over the affected area and a wide surrounding area, while avoiding runs. Avoid splashing on polysterene tiles or any plastic materials. Allow to dry fully before over coating (overnight). Treated surfaces are now ready to decorate. Drying of wall coverings, especially vinyl coverings may be slowed.

Health & Safety

Contains- 1,2-Benzisothiazol-3(2H)-one, C(M)IT/MIT(3-1), methylisothiazolinone. May produce an allergic reaction.

Tips & Advice

  • 1. Preparing the Surfaces
    Make sure surface is clean, dry and free from loose particles and mould. Remove any wallpaper or loose paint. Fill holes or cracks with an appropriate Polycell product and sand down well. The product is not a cure for damp, which should always be treated at source before applying and is not suitable for use against rising damp. The product should not be used at ground level, where efflorescent salts are present, or where condensation is a problem.
  • 2. Cleaning
    Remove paint form the brush or roller with a cloth then wash with water.
  • 3. Storing
    Store paint in dry conditions and protect from extreme temperatures.
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