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Nine reasons to pick a professional decorator for your project

Picking between a decorator or doing it yourself can be a challenging decision. Here we break down some of the key reasons why picking a pro can help you achieve a perfect, long lasting finish.

If you’ve been inspired to refresh the look of your home, you might be weighing up whether to start your search for a professional decorator or just give it a go yourself.

If you have a big idea for the way you want your home to look, we’d always recommend bringing in a trusted local professional instead of channelling your inner Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen.

A Dulux Select Decorator is more than just a painter. They’ve got the skills to help you create a high quality finish, and get everything done efficiently. In fact, there are dozens of reasons to bring in a decorating pro. But we’ve narrowed it down to just nine. Nine great reasons to put down the paintbrush and pick up the phone.

1: They’ve Got The Knowledge

How hard can painting be, really? You’ve watched a few episodes of Changing Rooms, you’ve got a big idea. The rest is just slapping paint onto plaster, right? 

Wrong. Painting and decorating some spaces can be really tricky - if you want the right look and the right finish that will last. There are all kinds of techniques you need to know and specific processes to follow. Techniques and processes that our Dulux Select Decorators have to demonstrate their expertise in to make it onto the scheme. 

2: They Can Tackle The Biggest Jobs

DIY always starts with the best of intentions. Morning Light in the hallway, Enchanted Eden in the living room, and why not a splash of Ruby Starlet as a bedroom feature wall?

And then suddenly it’s six weeks later and you’ll get round to the second coat in the hallway soon, honest! Whether you’re changing one room or a dozen, a professional decorator can handle the job from start to finish.

3: They Know How to Prepare

Changing the look of your home needs more than just good intentions or an eye for colour. If you don’t prepare the walls properly, the finish won’t look anything like it does on TV.

Decorators know exactly what goes into a successful decorating project, from the initial preparation to cleaning up when the job’s done. 

4: They’re Masters of All The Latest Techniques

OK, you can load up a paint roller just fine - just ignore those drips. But can you hang wallpaper properly? Can you apply vinyls? How are you with spraying paints, or even adding murals?

There’s a lot of skill and technique that goes into decorating, and the pros, including our Dulux Select Decorators have developed those skills and mastered those techniques!

5: They’re Fully Insured

Imagine the scene. You’re balanced up a ladder, paint pot precariously perched and… Plop! There goes the carpet. Or the TV. Oh dear.

With a Dulux Select Decorator, not only are they far less likely to make a mistake like that, but you’re covered (and not in paint) because we insist they hold full Public Liability Insurance of at least £1,000,000. 

6: They Have an Eye for the Little Things

Some things you just don’t spot unless you know exactly what you’re looking for. Sometimes the difference between a nicely decorated room and a wonderfully decorated one is the tiniest little detail that you wouldn’t even think of. 

With a minimum of three years’ experience needed to become a Dulux Select Decorator, our hand picked professionals have a carefully trained eye that’s sure to spot those little opportunities to create something extra-special.

7: They Know Colours

One of the best things about Dulux is that we can mix any colour to bring any interior design to life. But do you really know which shades definitely go together? It’s a big risk, spending the next few years sitting on a sofa surrounded by clashing colours.

A professional decorator has the tools to guide you on which colours complement each other, and which types of paint are best to use. It’s that extra bit of reassurance that you’re definitely changing a room for the better.

8: You Can Trust Them

The big one. What a professional decorator brings to your project is a combination of all these things. Skill, know-how, insurance cover…

All these things add up to one big thing. The one big reason to bring in a pro for your interior design project. A trustworthy decorator, like a Dulux Select Decorator with years of experience and a list of five star reviews gives you peace of mind.

Peace of mind that you’ll be absolutely delighted with the changes to every room in your house. No worry, no stress, and no need to pick up a paintbrush. What could be better than that?

9: They’re Backed By A 24 Month Guarantee

And to prove it, with a Dulux Select Decorator, you’re backed by a 24-month workmanship guarantee. So you can be confident the work they do will last for years.

Find your local Dulux Select Decorator right now.

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