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Refresh Your Living Room with Colour Scheme Inspiration from Dulux and DFS Sofas

How to perfectly pair your sofa with the paint you choose for your walls

Buying a sofa is a big deal. It’s the centrepiece of your living room, so you want to make sure you get it right. One way to go about it is to try and pair your sofa choice with your living room colour scheme. Here’s a bit of inspiration get you started, courtesy of our sofa partner, DFS.

Why not take a look at the Colour of the Year sofa?

Every year, Dulux colour and design specialists select a ‘Colour of the Year’ – a single shade that sums up the mood of the moment. In 2021, that colour was Brave Ground™. It’s an earthy, reassuring shade, which reminds you of warm clay. Not only that, but it’s a versatile colour, too. You can use it as the hero colour, or as the foundation of a living room colour scheme where other shades shine. Why not look at the French Connection Zinc sofa in Brave GroundTM available exclusively at our sofa partner, DFS, and see if it inspires your own living room colour ideas?

Try this clever sofa colour tool

Sometimes it’s hard to picture how your gorgeous new sofa will pair up with the colour you’ve got on the walls. So, Dulux and DFS created this little online tool to give you some living room colour combinations to try. It lets you pair DFS sofas with Dulux paint shades in 4 on-trend combinations – Brights, Neutrals, Greens and Earthy. It makes finding your perfect living room palette so much easier, too – get living room colour ideas here.

Looking for a failsafe living room colour combination? Start in neutral

Most people choose a neutral colour for their living room walls. So, it makes sense to look at neutral-coloured sofas too. That way, you can create a living room colour scheme which feels tonally harmonious and well tied-together. This French Connection Marl grey DFS sofa, would work beautifully with a palette of warm reds, pinks and oranges. Or you could try a something like Dulux Soft Stone, which is a warm neutral with a soft pink side.

Or be bold with your living room colour scheme – just a pick a shade you love

There’s no rule that says you have to keep your sofa a neutral shade. Instead, you could start by asking, what’s my favourite colour? Then you could build your living room colour scheme around a coloured sofa. For example, here we chose a deep blue sofa and a dusky pink, Sicilian Summer 6, on the walls. The result is a living room that feels colourful yet sophisticated – and leaves you lots of room to play with interesting accessories.

For more inspiration on how to transform your living room, check out this Dr Dulux article on how to pick a sofa colour.


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