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Surprising ways to add colour to your home this season

Painting a wall can spruce things up for the season while putting a spring in your step, but there are certainly more inventive projects to feed your creativity and get inspired by, particularly if you’re looking for joyful DIY. We’re all about the element of surprise, whether it’s a pop of colour in the most unexpected of places, or a vibrant shade on a surface you didn’t even know you could paint. Here, we’ve rounded up a handful of projects that use our hues in exciting and surprising ways, all of them achievable in under three hours. Better still, these makeovers all use Simply Refresh Multi-surface,a convenient new product that primes and paints at the same time, meaning they couldn’t be quicker or easier. Yet another welcome surprise. 

A brand new kitchen 


Inherited a kitchen that’s just not your style or uninspired by one you decorated ages ago? Fear not. A simple lick of paint can transform the entire space. Here, we’ve reinvigorated tired and scuffed kitchen cabinetry in deep and rich Ink Well™ with Simply Refresh Multi-surface, with no need to prime before painting. With some of your favourite colours now available as part of our new two-in-one product, we added vibrant go-faster stripes on the end of the cabinetry in Stonewashed Blue™ and Coral Charm™, extending them onto the wall in an arch shape with the addition of Coastal Grey™ and Faded Indigo. The effect is a lively backdrop for evenings around the table. Watch our helpful video to find out how to paint an arch.

A masterpiece in metal 


Heavy metal lover? You will be when you see what magic Simply Refresh Multi-surface can work on a metal radiator. These days, radiators aren’t as humble as they used to be with purely functional designs, featuring everything from snazzy details to interesting shapes. So, rather than trying to blend them into the wall, why not make them pop? An unpredictable statement indeed. We’ve used our clever two-in-one product to turn this one from drab to fab in plummy Decadent Damson against a wall in neutral Timeless™, with no need to prime before painting. The surprising result is a radiator you can really be proud of.  

Flexible working 


Whether it’s a dedicated room or a zoned corner, a home office has become one of the most sought-after spaces in the home, but all too often it can lack character. While it may be an area for working, it’s still your home, so should reflect your personality. The good news? You don’t need to completely redecorate to inject a little colour, as this home office demonstrates. Here, we’ve given an old desk a new lease of life by using Simply Refresh Multi-surface to prime and paint the desktop in one go, using warm Natural Calico that’s conducive to productivity and creativity. Also in our two-in-one product, we’ve painted vibrant Coral Charm on the hanging shelf and filing cabinet, and finished the room with Boho Blush around the window and above the desk using Dulux Easycare Washable & Tough.

Turning a corner 


With Simply Refresh Multi-surface, the sky is the limit when it comes to your creativity, enabling you to match your woodwork and walls quickly and easily. In this corner, we’ve cosied things up by painting warm Pressed Petal™  on both the stools and a section of the skirting – all without priming first – while taking a matching stripe all the way up the wall in Simply Refresh One Coat to create a ‘drenched’ effect. A wall in neutral Timeless™ and a collection of lush green plants make the saturation of colour pop even more. 

Flower power


Upcycling gets an upgrade when you can paint intricate designs, like these retro daisies, directly onto the surface without the faff of priming first. Able to focus on the pattern, rather than the preparation, Simply Refresh Multi-surface means you can add unexpected touches to vintage furniture quickly and easily. Plus, it’s water-based, which makes it a more sustainable way to make the old new again. The only problem? As it’s so easy, you might not know when to stop…  

Open a can of magic


Priming and painting at the same time, Dulux Simply Refresh Multi-surface is the secret to quick and easy transformations, whether furniture, window frames, skirting or radiators. Water-based and quick-drying, the interior paint has primer already included, so just two simple coats can produce even coverage and brilliant colour on bare or previously-painted surfaces. Dip in and discover the magic.

Pick-up a copy of our Let’s Colour Magazine in your local decorating store for more information and inspiration; or watch our how-to videos at youtube.com/duluxuk


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