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The weekend project: How to paint a wall mural

We all love a spot of sunshine and what a beautifully sunny scheme Whinnie Williams created for Yvonne and lifelong friend Haneefah in this week’s Changing Rooms on Channel 4. We love their hand-painted modern wall art so much that we asked our talented Creative Director Marianne Shillingford to recreate the concept, and show us how it's done. Watch our video now to find out how!

Bold, striking patterns and unique wall art ideas aren't going out of fashion any time soon – hooray! Whether you opt for florals, a forest scene or an abstract pattern, they’re a great way to create a feature and bring a point of interest to a room. But instead of using wallpaper, you can paint your vision directly onto the wall. And, if you choose an easy-to-replicate design and break your project into stages, you can easily complete your mural over the weekend. 

For Yvonne’s bedroom in this week’s Changing Rooms on Channel 4, designer Whinnie Williams used a mix of browns, oranges and yellows to create a painted mountain range scene (above). We wanted to recreate it right away and know you will, too. Our Creative Director, Marianne Shillingford, has broken down the process into easy bite-sized steps so you can create your own living room wall art. Paints wise, you’ll need Buttermilk, Soft Stone, Copper Blush and Heart Wood emulsions to complete the design. 

Watch the video to see how Marianne created her mountains wall mural, then read on for more detailed steps. Let’s get painting!

You'll need


  • Dust sheets
  • Wipeable chalk or pencil
  • Small roller and tray
  • Small brush
  • Paint stirrer
  • Flexible sanding pad

Prep time

1. Lightly sand the wall surface using a flexible sanding pad, to soften the surface and ensure the wall is more adhesive. Wipe the wall with a damp cloth.

2. Using our design as a guide, free-hand draw the outline of the mural in white chalk.

3. With a paint stirrer or long stick, give each of the paints a quick stir.

Let's paint

4. Starting with the outline of the first mountain and using a fine brush, begin painting in Buttermilk, working from the top down.

5. Use a small roller to cover the bigger areas, ensuring the paint is evenly distributed in the top mountain area.

6. With the next colour – Soft Stone – paint the second mountain area in the same technique, starting with a fine brush for the outline and a roller for the middle areas.

7. Repeat on the third mountain area in Copper Blush, and the fourth in Heart Wood.

8. Use a fine brush to make any touch ups.

9. Once the whole mural is dry, repeat the process to apply a second coat. You can add details to the top of the mountain by painting extra layers using a fine brush.

Marianne’s insider tip: As you paint, remember to take a step back from the wall and look at your mural from a distance; it’s important to see the bigger picture as you go.

Don’t miss the next episode of Changing Rooms on Wednesday at 8pm on Channel 4 – and stream this week's show here.

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