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The Top 10 Feature Wall Trends of Instagram

When it comes to unique design ideas for your home, Instagram has become the go-to source for inspiration.

Scrolling through your feed of images, you’re likely to notice that the feature wall is more popular than ever, whether it’s specific features, colours, or overall styles you’ll be sure to find something to get your creativity flowing. With Dulux Simply Refresh one coat paints it’s never been easier to turn those makeover dreams into a reality. So, what exactly are the standout trends when it comes to feature walls this year?

We’ve taken a look at the most-used feature wall hashtags on Instagram (#GalleryWall, #FeatureWall, #AccentWall) to find the ‘most-liked’ images and analysed the recurring trends in these top posts to uncover the 10 biggest trends, from panelled walls to neutral paint colours.

So, if you’ve been dreaming of simple and effective ways to transform your home, read on for the biggest Instagram feature wall trends to inspire your redecoration.

1. Panelled Walls

Panelled walls have seen a real resurgence in recent years, which is why there’s no surprise they make the top of the list, with 65% of the posts analysed featuring them. Available in a range of styles and mouldings to suit your tastes from subtle tongue and groove to elegant geometric designs. The benefit of panelling is that it can create an instant look of sophistication, whilst covering up or hiding uneven walls to create a clean slate on which to paint, as well and protecting your walls from general wear and tear.

Not ready to tackle DIY on your walls? The same effect can be recreated with two similar shades of paint instead, to create the look of panelling without actually applying any. Alternatively, you can get the panelled wall effect by adding some primed MDH boards and painting over it.

2. Geometric Paint Patterns

Geometric paint patterns have become hugely popular recently due to their ease and the relatively low cost of creating something truly unique. They come in at second on our list, being featured in 47% of top posts. From simple minimalist designs, to bold and beautiful shapes filling entire walls, all it takes is some masking tape or homemade stencils and your choice of paint colours to create something eye catching to put your own personal stamp on your home.

3. Coordinating a feature wall with a classic white wall

It’s no secret that a splash of colour can brighten up and add character to an otherwise dull room, but when done deliberately, it’s the contrast that is key. 47% of top posts show that a boldly coloured accent wall can be a great contrast to plain white walls to create a real statement. When the feature wall is next to a white wall anything goes, but deep teals, blues or reds can combine create a striking, modern look that really steals attention.

4. Plain walls with no accessories

When it comes to creating a feature, the temptation can be to really make a statement with shelving or framed pictures to inject your personality into your room, but according to 41% of top posts, sometimes less is more. Just as silence can be as impactive in a movie as the music and sound effects, a plain coloured feature wall can be just as much of a statement as one loaded with things to look at.

5. Plain grey walls

Grey has become a favourite paint colour due to its versatility, which is why its featured in 38% of top posts. Grey colours can be both warm or cold, modern or traditional and calming or energetic. There are also so many shades to choose from so it’s easy to find one to suit you. As well as being a versatile colour in terms of mood it can create a great contrast for other colours, try pairing lighter shades of grey with darker blue colours for a polished and sophisticated look, or use bright yellows to add a spark of electricity and sunlight to your room.

6. Bedroom feature walls

Most commonly, a feature wall is used to create more of a focal point and will make the perfect backdrop to a bed. But there are many ways to make a feature wall work in your bedroom as 35% of top posts will show. If you have architectural elements on an alternative wall, such as a fireplace or the entrance to an en-suite or walk in wardrobe, this could lend itself perfectly to becoming the accent wall. Feature walls can be used to add depth and the illusion of space to smaller rooms, so experiment with painting an accent wall at the far end or on the side of the bed to maximise your room’s potential. 

7. Grey wood panelling

We’ve already discussed how adding panelling to a wall or painting the wall in a grey shade can instantly add a look of sophistication to any room, and as featured in 26% of top posts, combining the two is surely a winning formula! As we’ve already mentioned, the versatility of grey paint can create or enhance any mood, but grey paint can really help to make the features of your panelled walls pop because of how it interacts with light and shadow to create a striking focal point in any room.


8. Neutral walls

A feature wall can be a focal point or add a striking contrast to other colours. But a feature wall can also work just as well in neutral colours to create a calming and warming space as seen in 24% of top posts. Neutral colours can also add a real sense of depth and texture to a room and will complement a range of accessories and furnishings from woods, suedes and furs to chrome and glass to complete your look.

9. A plain white wall

When we think of a feature or accent wall we tend to think in terms of a darker or bold contrast to the other lighter walls in your room, but 21% of top posts show that striking look can work just as well the other way around. A plain white feature wall can really stand out against other walls of differing colours or shades to create a clean aesthetic that really draws attention. The beauty of white paints is that they really do go with anything, so whether your other walls are pastel blues or deep plum colours a plain white feature wall will always make a statement.

10. A white fireplace

Before the TV became common place in many modern living rooms the focal point of the room was always the fireplace. White fireplaces have become more popular recently, as seen in 12% of top posts, as they offer another point of contrast to other colours that may be in the room. A well-placed fireplace alone can be enough to make any wall a feature wall and paired with bold, bright colours and patterns you can really be sure to bring that focal point right back to its former glory.

From bright and bold to calming and neutral and everything in between, we hope these Insta-approved feature wall ideas have inspired you. Before you get to work making a statement in every room, find out why Dulux Simply Refresh one coat paints are the quick and easy way to achieve a perfect finish, and discover our expert advice on how get the best results out of your feature wall design projects.

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