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Weekend Project: Creating a Multi-Purpose Space

From kitchen-diners to bedroom-offices, choosing the right paint colour will help you beautifully define each area of your multi-purpose room. Explore our simple decorating ideas for stylish ways to zone your home. 


What Is a Multi-Purpose Room? 

More and more of us are living with multi-purpose spaces, where cooking, eating and living – as well as working and studying – may all take place in the same room. Multi-purpose rooms are important as they allow you to pack a range of functions into one space – great if you’re short on room in the house.

By getting creative with paint, you can define the function of a particular area but also make a real style statement, too. Simply Refresh’s edit of beautiful colours and its one-coat formula makes it the best choice for projects such as this; quick and easy transformations that will help you zone out your space. 

Multi-Purpose Room Ideas 

Room zoning

Wondering how to define space in an open floor-plan room? Room zoning involves separating the different areas of a multi-purpose room based on their function. This not only creates the illusion of more space in the room but also keeps the space organised while retaining a sense of fluidity.


Room zoning in an open-plan living space 

Select a space to zone 

  • Start with the item you want to define – it may be a dining table, a cosy reading chair or a workstation that needs to have a different feel to the rest of the pieces in your room.
  • Make your painted zone slightly wider than the key furniture and slightly taller than head height – but not up to the ceiling – so that the area feels nicely enclosed. You can create any shape with your chosen paint, such as an arch, square or rectangle. Or use masking tape and a roller to paint your own abstract design – just perfect for zoning a workspace with a desk.
  • Choose complementary colour combinations from our curated Simply Refresh palettes, such as Mineral MistPolished Pebble and Natural Slate for a calming look that boosts concentration. You can learn how to get creative with a zoned area here.

Create your own comfort area

Zoning your home can be about mood as well as function. And even if a room isn’t multi-functional, you can still use paint to highlight your favourite corners. A cosy sofa becomes the heart of your living space when you paint warm, intense colour around it, then layer up with tactile textiles to create a little haven within a room.

Here, the warm purple of Acai Berry envelopes a seating area to create a comfort nook within the wider room, which is painted in One Coat Blush Pink. And by using Simply Refresh paints, creating a zone like this has never been quicker or easier.


Can’t decide on a shade for your home? Download the Dulux Visualizer app and choose your colour with confidence today. It’s super easy to use – simply upload a picture of the room you’re thinking of decorating, select a couple of colours and watch them transform your space.


Organise the clutter

Make sure that your multi-functional room is completely clutter-free so you can use all available space. Get creative with storage options, such as wall hooks, shelving systems and even items like baskets and boxes, which could double-up as tables. Walls are also convenient for storing large items like bicycles or a fold-down desk – all you need are some sturdy hooks.


Utilise all available space

There’s most likely a large amount of available space in your home that you might not even know about! For example, if you’re doubling up your living room as an office, consider purchasing a corner desk that can be neatly stored in an empty space at the side of the room. Choose an L-shaped corner desk to enhance a sense of separation between the office and the rest of the living room.


Add in some divider furniture

Does your multi-functional room consist of a living room area and a dining room area? If so, a great way to separate the different spaces in the room is to use divider furniture and accessories. This can be anything from shelving units to curtains.



Make your open-plan living room feel bigger and brighter by dotting a few houseplants around. Not only do plants help clean the air and remove impurities, but they also keep us connected to nature.

The bigger the houseplant, the better. But if you’re short on space, you could always use planters that can be attached to the wall or ceiling.   


Feeling inspired to create a multi-purpose space? Browse our range of Easycare Washable & Tough Matt paints to give your home a makeover today. Perfect for living rooms, dining rooms and multi-functional spaces, our Easycare paint range is 20x stronger than the standard Dulux Matt paint, keeping your home looking great for longer.

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