Leaves Step 1

The leaves may be falling outside, but inside it can be forever green - adding a leafy stencil motif to a lacklustre piece of furniture will give your room an instant lift and chase the winter blues away.

You'll need:

  • Dulux Made by Me paint

  • Paint brushes

  • Fern leaves (to make a stencil)

  • Artist's stippling paint brush

  • Cutting mat (or some thick card)

  • Scalpel or craft knife

  • Painter's masking tape

  • Spray adhesive

  • A4 sheet of acetate

Step one

Lightly sand and clean your table top, then apply a couple of coats of your self undercoating Made By Me base colour, allowing the paint to dry thoroughly between each coat. Mask off a border around the table edge and paint in a contrasting colour, adding a few coats and allowing to dry thoroughly. You might want to paint the feet or support bars in this shade too.

Leaves Step 0

Step two

Leaves Step 2

Take your leaves and lay them out on the corner of your table until you are happy with the arrangement. Recreate this arrangement on top of a photocopier or scanner bed, then photocopy/scan and print it, to provide you with a traceable printed template.

Step three

Place your leaf printout on top of a cutting mat and stick the top and bottom down with masking tape, then lay your acetate sheet over the top and tape this down securely too. Working carefully with your knife, score and cut around each individual section of leaf. Or, skip a step by sourcing a ready-made stencil from a craft shop or online.

Leaves Step 3

Step four

Leaves Step 4

Spray the back of your stencil with adhesive in an outside space, then place it onto the table, ensuring it’s well stuck. Dip your stippling brush into your paint and dab off any excess. Lightly tap the brush over the design to apply the paint to the stencil without it bleeding underneath. Once finished, carefully lift up the stencil, wash and dry thoroughly and repeat in each corner. Transformation complete!

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