Q: Hi Dr Dulux, I've noticed that using blackboard paint is back in a big way in interiors. I want to create a chalkboard in my house but I'm worried about making a mistake. Is there a foolproof technique? Thanks. Charlotte, Leeds.

A: Nothing gets past you, Charlotte! Yes, if you thought chalkboards were confined to classrooms and the menu boards of classy restaurants, think again! Here are two ways to work the trend in your home.

You can create a chalkboard out of an old frame that has smooth hardboard backing to the glass. For this, you will need:

1. Start by removing the hardboard and dispose of the glass, then replace the hardboard with the smooth side facing forwards.

2. Fix the hardboard in place with small tacks or a glue gun and apply one coat of Dulux Quick Drying Primer undercoat to the board (and frame if you want to paint that too).

3. Apply two coats of quick-drying Dulux Made By Me Blackboard paint with a good synthetic brush and sand lightly between coats.


Of course, you can also paint a blackboard panel directly onto the wall or doors. For this you'll need:

1. Measure and mark the panel onto the wall using the spirit level to make sure the shape is straight and even.

2. Mask off with decorators masking tape and rub your finger over the edge of the tape to make sure it’s well stuck down.

3. Fill in with two coats of quick-drying Dulux Made By Me blackboard paint and sand lightly between coats. Remove tape and get chalking!

Want to learn some lettering skills for your new chalkboard? Come back next week for tips from a pro.