You won't often hear "blackboard" and "Christmas" put together, but with the added novelty of drawing your decorations, sweeping the chalk away and starting again as you please, it's really the gift that keeps on giving. Add a sweep of blackboard paint to anything from, jars, baubles, wreaths or your walls to make your Christmas decorations unique.

And to start, all you need is some Made by Me Blackboard Paint and a paint brush.

Blackboard Paint at Christmas 1

1. DIY, Draw it Yourself

If you don't love pines and needles covering your floor or if your small living room is struggling for space – a great solution is to draw your Christmas Tree on your wall like Handmade Charlotte. You can go as simple or elaborate as you wish. And the best thing: if you get bored of it by the third week of December, just dust away and try something new.

Blackboard Paint at Christmas 5

2. Blackboard Baubles

To spruce up plain wooden baubles, paint them with two coats of blackboard paint. Once they're dry use chalk in whatever colour scheme works for you to write Christmas messages, or draw patterns on and hang on your garland and tree. Or if chalk is too messy, Craft and Creativity recommends using a chalk-effect marker pen like this one from Tesco, (£2.99).

Blackboard Paint at Christmas 2

3. Make an entrance

A wreath painted in blackboard paint means you can get creative with your front door. Change up the message for your guests.

Blackboard Paint at Christmas 3

4. Place your names

To keep things cosy and rustic, use painted wood slices gathered from outside as name place holders on the Christmas table.

Blackboard Paint at Christmas 4

5. A seasonal twist

Mason jars are still having their moment. There's no doubt they add more charm to your kitchen than plastic containers. And to add a twist to yours, paint the lids with chalkboard paint. French Country Cottage advises that once the blackboard paint dries, wipe chalk all over the lids and wipe it off before writing on them to season the chalkboard surface.

Brush up some more on your blackboard painting with Dr Dulux: How to Create a Chalkboard Wall or practice your calligraphy with How to do Blackboard Lettering Like a Pro.